Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 24-024

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 1-2

Weight: 44

Update:  April 15, 2024

Tito continues to be playful and full of young-dog energy.  He is learning boundaries in playing with other dogs and is doing better walking with his harness.  He’s a natural retriever and LOVES playing with his toys.  His foster mom says Tito is outgoing, curious, energetic and loving.  Tito has never met a stranger and he loves everyone.  He is a fun, happy dog.  At a recent vet appointment, Tito was loving on everyone and several staff members wanted to take him home. 

Tito will thrive with a family who will take him outdoors to run and fetch. Going on walks is great but he also needs time off-leash to run and play! Tito needs a family that matches his energy --- not to say he is active all day as he definitely tires out and has restful times during the day.  Tito is such a good boy and his foster family is super proud of his progress. 


Personality: Cheers to Tito! His path to a forever home has come via GRR. Tito has only been with his foster home for a few days, so everything seems to be new to him. He’s having a bit of trouble with that silly housebreaking thing. He goes potty every time he goes outside but doesn’t know how to let his folks know he has to go. He has improved over the couple of days. Thankfully, he does very well in his crate – one in the bedroom for night (and he sleeps well through the night) and one in the kitchen when he stays when no one is home. Foster mom sees indications that he might be a chewer, so keeps things well out of his reach.

Tito has had no experience with children, cars, water or cats since he has been in his home. When on a walk he interacts very well with other dogs. He’s very playful and not aggressive at all. However, foster mom is pretty sure he’s never walked on a leash before. His first time he tended to walk in circles. He is graduating to a harness and is doing much better.

He does like to jump up on people and is a bit mouthy. This is a work on progress, but he’ll there. Since he has had recent neuter surgery, he’s not been able to chase or retrieve yet. But he loves toys and will toss a ball in the air on chew on it. He may occasionally bring it to you.

His inside behavior is typical puppy. He is still very active, always wanting to play and has very little down time. So far he has been a quiet boy with no barking or whining. Recent thunderstorms didn’t seem to bother him. He is happy, outgoing, friendly, and definitely high energy. He’s sweet, friendly dog and not timid or skittish and curious to meet new people and other dogs. Tito is a quick learner and is eager to please. He is a great walking buddy and is adjusting to walking with a harness.

Ideal Home: Tito is no lounge lizard, so his family must be prepared to keep him active and go along with the playfulness. He will need a lot of training and love but if you are the lucky family who gets Tito, you’ll be happy to do just that.


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