Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-064

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Adopted

Age: 5

Sweet.  Playful.  Affectionate.  Gentle.  Handsome.  These are the words Teddy’s foster family uses to describe him.  “Teddy is probably the cutest, dorkiest and most lovable Golden we have fostered,” says his foster mom.  He loves to bring you a toy, drop it in your lap and look up at you with the sweetest eyes that melt your heart.

In foster care, Teddy hasn’t shown any destructive behaviors. He enjoys the run-of-the house,  likes car rides, wants to retrieve his toys and will bring it right back to you.  but not obsessively.   While not having Mark Spitz’ speed, Teddy enjoys swimming in the foster’s pool.  The foster has not seen him with children; however, feel he’d be good with kids 8 and over as he has a calm, gentle personality.   

Teddy is non-reactive to other dogs and is totally comfortable with the foster’s resident dogs.   After an initial introductory period, the resident dogs accepted Teddy and Teddy quickly acted like part of the family with no growling or resource guarding---just taking turns playing with toys and balls.  Teddy seems to really enjoy other dogs. 

He is smart and his manners are pretty good as he’ll sit nicely and waits for dinner until he hears “OK.”  This super sweet boy loves snuggles and being close to people.  Teddy is playful, inquisitive, and loves to snuggle to get close to people.

Teddy is healthy but has some weakness in his right hind leg.  It doesn’t slow him down and he needs regular, daily walks to strengthen it.  He definitely won’t ever be a good jogging partner. 

Ideal Home:  Gentle, handsome Teddy deserves a family who will give him the love and attention he craves.  He wants people near him so someone who works from home or is in the home part of the day is ideal.  His gentle temperament would be good with families with calm children, empty nesters or a single person who can devote time to him.  Teddy would very much enjoy other dogs too.  Do you have a rescue heart?  Are you Teddy’s forever family?

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