Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-091

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Matched

Age: 2

Update:  December 4

Nothing is perfect but Spencer is close.  His foster mom describes Spencer as loving, playful, friendly, smart and cuddly. 

Sweet, handsome Spencer:

  • Greets everyone with enthusiasm as he believes all people are wonderful.
  • Likes to cuddle with everyone.
  • Learns quickly so his manners have greatly improved.
  • Loves the outdoors so walks are important

Sweetest habit:  When the foster is sitting on the couch and is finished petting Spencer, he politely walks away, comes up behind the couch and rests his head on the foster’s shoulder and of course this trick gets him more petting.

Cutest habit:  Spencer loves to entertain himself by throwing the ball himself, then racing after it and doing it all again, and again, and again.  This boy knows how to play.

Ideal Home:  Spencer needs an active family with lots of hands for hugging, petting, playing and going for walks.  Could you be Spencer’s forever family?


Meet GRR’s sweet and silly, Spencer!  This handsome and amusing boy is bursting with love to share!  Currently, Spencer’s foster family is working on house training with him, and he is making progress. Spencer is crate trained and he does amazing - it is also where he goes if his foster family has to leave him alone. Currently, Spencer has not been observed around cats or in the car, but he is a huge fan of children and loves to play.

Spencer will need some redirection and practice in the area of jumping up on people, but it is likely that this behavior is due to his excitement over meeting and greeting people at this time. When receiving treats, Spencer takes them nicely from your hand. Spencer shows great interest in the other Golden at his foster home, but right now, his fellow canine companion is getting used to him.  Spencer hasn’t had any practice walking on a leash, as he just had surgery and is still recovering. He has not had a chance to swim or be around water yet as a result.  He has experienced one rainstorm since joining his foster family and was not reactive.

Spencer seems to sort of understand retrieving toys or a ball, but REALLY loves getting positive attention afterwards. He does release a toy when he has one and enjoys having a chew toy.  Spencer will do some minor counter surfing if the opportunity arises, but it is reported that it’s not excessive. This boy is very persistent when he wants love and attention from his human(s)…and he would love to sit right in your lap (if allowed)! His foster family feels like he may have some minor anxiety, but that could be due to him aiming to please and win affection in his new surroundings. Spencer does enjoy being outside and he definitely will keep you laughing - his foster family reports that when a guest came over, he showed his silliest side by putting the guest’s foot gently in his mouth and spinning her around in her chair!!

Spencer has not yet been groomed at his foster home, and he does not know many commands (yet), except for “sit”, which he picked up quite quickly.  His foster family reports that they feel he is very smart and will be a fast learner.  This boy wants nothing more than to be loved by everyone in his home.

Ideal Home: Spencer is described as active, intelligent, full of love, and outgoing.  He will do best in a home where he has a family (both human and furry) to give him ALL the attention, pets, and cuddles!  A home where his family can spend lots of time with him is ideal.  Could your family be the perfect match for Spencer?

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