Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-043

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age:  6

Weight: 60

Personality:  Sophia is a beautiful Irish Cream girl who is the proud mother of two litters. She is reliably housebroken. Since she barks when confined in a baby gate, Sophia probably would not enjoy being crated. Since she is so dependable, she is allowed to have free reign of the house.

Sophia is very calm and sweet around children and does not jump up on anyone. She’s friendly and social with other dogs as well as cats. She doesn’t necessarily want to play because her favorite thing is to be around people and get all the loving and petting she can. She is calm and usually ignores the cats but sometimes takes a curious sniff. Sophia is smart enough to back off if a cat sends that “leave me alone” signal as they are prone to do.

Sophia lays calmly in the car. On the leash she is manageable but pulls a little. She needs continued leash training and does best with a harness, as do most dogs.

When it comes to balls and retrieving, Sophia runs after it but may or may not bring it back, depending on her mood. When she does bring it back, she would rather hold onto it and get pets than let it go. Sophia is very people-focused.

Inside the house, Sophia is a perfect lady. She makes cute little noises as her way of communicating what she wants and is great at responding to training immediately. SHe sleeps all the way through the night; positioned so she can keep an eye on foster mondin the bed or the front dorr.

Sophia is one thousand times sweet and such a love. She has calm and peaceful presence and is so affectionate. She prefers to be right next to you but is not overly clingy. The staff and guests at the dog park the foster visits absolutely LOVE her. She greets everyone and makes sure that she makes the rounds so everyone gets a chance to pet her. She is absolutely amazing and quickly assimilated to her foster home.

Ideal Home: Sweet, affectionate, peaceful, socialare the words the foster says best describe Sophia who is a kind, gentle, loving girl. She brings a peaceful presence to any room.  She will do best in a home where someone is home with her most of the time and will enjoy having her by your side.  Sophia asks for a lot of pets.  She will do best with a calm patient family who will help her learn commands and loose leash walking. She is a smart girl and quick learner who needs gentle guidance and training.  Sophia will do well with another dog or as an only dog as she so craves human attention. 

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