Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-077

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 1

Introducing GRR’s precious Scoop!  This exuberant boy is a perfect combination of silly Golden and snuggly puppy!  Scoop is fully house-trained and when left alone at home, he currently can roam free in the house. He does have a crate, and he is not currently being made to use the crate; however, he does choose to use the crate on his own!  Scoop will sometimes choose to sleep in the crate (with the door open) or he also enjoys curling up on a dog bed for a snooze. When Scoop needs a potty break, he will sit by the door and bark once to alert you that he needs to go outside.

Scoop will get excited and sometimes he will jump up, but he is responding well to redirection (people turning their back to the jumping or saying “down)”.  He has not been observed around children or cats at this time, and he has not had the opportunity for a swim.  When taking a treat, Scoop is a quick one, but does not use his teeth. He does well in the car, laying down for the ride.  Scoop is a good boy when going out for walks, he wears a harness and walks on a loose leash for the most part.

This handsome boy is a HUGE fan of other dogs.  He plays well with large dogs, although he was a bit overzealous trying to play with a smaller dog (not aggressively, just having fun).  Scoop loves to play tug-o-war and will share toys and bones with the fellow canine in his foster home. He loves to retrieve (naturally) and will bring back a ball or frisbee to be thrown again and again.  In addition to play, Scoop also loves to nap on the couch or at his human(s) feet.  He will roll onto his back for belly rubs, loves to cuddle, and enjoys being brushed.

As he IS still a Golden puppy, Scoop has had a moment or two of mischief and recently stole some bacon off the countertop very discreetly.  Scoop is described as: loving, affectionate, playful and sweet.  He is food motivated and in addition to treats, he likes carrots, blueberries, apples and Greek Yogurt!  

Ideal Home: For Scoop, a family that is home often would be best as he truly thrives on affection and having his humans around.  He also would LOVE a home with another playful dog or a home where he could have “playdates” with other canines often.  Scoop has endless love to share!  Could your family be the perfect match for Scoop?

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