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Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 24-004

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 2-1/2

Weight: 61

1/31 Update

 Po is doing great in his foster home and settling in nicely.  His foster mom describes Po as loving, affectionate, sill and sweet.  He enjoys cuddling and hugs but this is a high energy boy that needs daily exercise---he enjoys playing fetch, walks (his leash-walking is improving) and mental stimulation games. 

 Po is completely housetrained and is no longer crated as night as he’s good in the house overnight or when the foster is gone.  While he’s good with the foster cat, please remember that all cats are different and dogs / cats need time to slowly adjust.  Po is a great boy who thrives on attention and cuddles from his humans. 

 Ideal home:  Po needs a family that is active and will take the time to play with him and exercise him. I don’t think twice daily walks are enough as he needs playing fetch and mental stimulation games. A home with kids or another dog would be great to burn some of his energy. Po definitely needs to be in a house with a yard as he spends much of the day exploring outside. He lies in the grass and just enjoys being outside – Po could play fetch for hours.  Po no longer needs crating so would be best with a family  that lets him have full access to the house. Po is the sweetest boy and just wants affection and love.


Personality: Po is a gorgeous blonde golden who comes from Russian bloodlines. He is settling into a foster home where he seems to be perfectly house broken. Po came from his previous owner as crate trained but he’s not really crazy about going into the crate now. He began his first night barking for 2 hours once in the crate, a lot less the next night, and now he is not barking at all. When he is left alone, it is in the crate, but his foster feels he would be trustworthy free to roam so she plans to try that in small doses at a time.

Po seems to love the neighbor children, interacting with them through the fence. He has just gone through surgery, so he is taken back into the house if he gets over excited and begins to jump up. He does jump up on people when excited to see them. The fosters are turning their back on him until he settles down and sits. The jumping is especially crazy when he gets out of his crate in the morning.

The same neighbors with the children also have two dogs so Po has interacted with them along the fence line. He whines and wiggle-waggles as if to say, “Come on over. Let’s play.”

Po is doing well with the family cat although the cat hisses and growls at Po. He will back off when that happens. He’s tried to chase kitty a couple of times but when his name is called with a sharp “no,” he comes directly back. He shows no aggression to the cat but all his energy simply overwhelms the cat. However, they can peacefully coexist at times, with Po on the floor at foster mom’s feet when Bean the cat is on the couch with mom.

It’s still early in Po’s time in the home, so they have no experience with him in the car or on a leash. He has no ball fetching experience yet because of his surgery, but he goes to get a toy that mom points out to him and bring it to her.

His indoor behavior needs a little work. He tends to be a beggar and he barks at the delivery people. Po if very bouncy/jumpy sometimes, mostly in the morning when let out of his crate. “I’m free! I’m free.”

Po loves to be brushed but as long as you are touching him in some way, he is fine. He is very outgoing and has lots of energy but does settle down fairly quickly. He is startled easily. He accidentally bumped into the Roomba. When it started to move, he ran frantically to mom! All in all, Po is very loving and wants be by your side always. If you let him, he climbs into your lap for those much-loved pets. He listens well and is very motivated to please.

Ideal Home: Po would do best with a family that has a lot of time to be with him. He has a lot of energy and very much wants to be by his human’s side, so a family that isn’t gone all day is best. He may still need work on not jumping and learning to settle down, so a family with very young kids may not be ideal, unless they have other medium/large dogs, and the kids are used to them. He was raised with another dog and seems to love every living creature he meets so I think he would do fine in a family with other pets. For his sake, a family with a large yard would be best to allow him stimulation, in addition to daily walks.

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