Pink Martini

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 24-017

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Availabile

Age: 7.5


Meet GRR’s Pink Martini (also known as Kate)!  This beautiful girl has stellar manners and plenty of love to share with everyone!  Her foster family is not utilizing a crate with her (as it isn’t needed), and she does fine when left alone.  Kate is a little on the plump side right now, so with the help of her foster family, she is working to shed some pounds.  They say that she is incredibly gentle and calm, does not jump up on people, and gets along well with the other dogs in her current home. Currently, Kate has not been around any cats.

On a leash, Kate is a dream; she does not pull and truly loves her walks!!  Kate will retrieve toys; she is especially fond her stuffed chicken toy and loves to search for it in a “hide and seek” game.  She is learning to retrieve a ball and shows interest but isn’t quite so sure yet. With some toys, she will rip up the toy and does tend to swallow some pieces, so once that begins, the toy has to be taken from her. One adorable thing Kate does, is when it’s time to eat, she will wiggle, jump and do a little dance for her dinner!  She does continue to use her manners and will wait until she is told it is “okay” for her to eat her food. Kate will also listen if she finishes inhaling her food before the other dogs, and is told she may not assist them in finishing their meal…

Kate doesn’t mind storms so far, and she sleeps through the night without issues.  She isn’t very interested in climbing on the furniture and prefers sleeping and/or spending her time in close proximity of her people.  This girl loves to be groomed and brushed and will close her eyes to relax and take in the moment!  Even with grooming, she continues to have a sort of wild, yet fabulous, look to her coat. Kate is a people dog; she is an easy-going gal to have around.  She is obedient, well-trained, loves to play, and even knows some tricks!

Ideal Home: An ideal home for Kate, is one where she will be showered with tons of love (which she will match in return)!  She will need a family who can stick to her diet to help her to continue to slim down a bit.  Also, it is important that her family continue with her daily brisk walks (the girl is speedy, and she loves to go)!  Kate would enjoy a home with other dogs to play with as she loves wrestling, running, playing with her foster siblings. Could your family be the perfect match for this sweet Golden Gal?

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