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Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 24-011

Type of Surrender: Stray, New Braunfels

Status: Available

Age: 1

Update:  April 2nd

Lilly is thriving in her foster home and becoming a much more settled young lady.  She is reliably housetrained but the foster family takes her outside frequently.  She is still young so has typical young dog behavior and is happy, bouny and silly with children.  Lilly is friendly with other dogs and loves a good tumble but will backoff when the other dog sets boundaries.  Smart girl?

Her foster family describes Lilly as loving, sweet, eager and playful ---- pretty typical for a 1 year old dog.  They feel she's mid energy and her current daily activity level seems to mellow her so she takes naps during the day and sleeps during the night.   Lilly is definitely tuned to her people so if you are nervous and anxious, she will mirror that back to you. She loves to be part of the hum of the household and is happiest being in the same room with you. Lilly will relax and lounge but gets so excited when you come home.  When sitting on the couch,  she may try to jump up to be with you but can be redirected to her a close by dog bed where she’ll lay down and watch you.   

In many ways Lilly is like the teenager that has started to learn how the world works but thinks she knows everything so feels like she knows more than you.  And at other times, she needs comfort and a hug from you to assure her everything will be okay.   Sound like a typical teenager??  Lilly is so incredibly loyal that she just wants to be with you and feel safe.   

Ideal home:  Lilly will be great with a family where she can be the apple of the family's eye. She will enjoy being an only dog where the complete focus is on her.  But if there's an older dog in the family, that’s fine too as long as you have plenty of love and attention to give to two dogs.  She would love to be in an active lifestyle and needs activity every day --- typical young Golden. She is trainable if you are consistent and then she will blossom. While she's friendly with kids, she’d likely do best with children 12 and older because she is strong and active.  A family that has some dog experience, understands the personality of a young dog and is willing to do training will be perfect for Lilly and in return, you will  have a lifelong best friend.



GRR would like to introduce the sweet and curious, Lily! This young lady is full of love to share, yet is a novice at the spoiled “Golden Life”. She is full of energy but is showing great potential to be a wonderful dog. She came to her foster home somewhat house broken but as her foster family is learning her routine, she is adapting very well. While Lily would rather be out observing her foster family or playing with her foster dog brother, she is learning her crate is a safe space and sleeps in it at night.  Lily can be left for short periods of time with no issue. Lily is all puppy and will jump up on people, which is something she is working on and is easily redirected.  When riding in the car, Lily did great, but initially had some tummy troubles- possibly from feeling a bit overwhelmed. 

When it comes to treats, Lily is gentle and can take them from your hand. Overall, Lily has a lot to learn- it seems she has had a lack of experiences up to this point. But she is very trainable, within the short time she’s been in GRR care, she has learned her name, come when called, how to sit, and how to lay down. With consistency and patience, she is sure to learn and grow into a well mannered dog!  Lily has not been observed around cats, nor has she had any swimming opportunities yet.  One thing Lily LOVES is other dogs!  She adores the resident dog in her foster home - she loves a good wrestle and romp.  The other dog in her foster home isn’t always AS excited for those moments, and has established boundaries, which Lily seems to understand…but will sometimes forget, as she is still very much a puppy!  On a leash, Lily is attentive to her foster mom and loves to sniff but makes sure to stay close.

Lily has a zest for life, for her, everything is EXCITING!  She jumps on furniture and is a bit mouthy. She’s learning to redirect her excitement with a favorite rope toy, kong, or lick mat.  She also enjoys that she can hang out beside her human (who works from home), and is able to be left alone in her gated area during the night and short periods of time with no issues.  Like most Goldens, Lily loves to eat and she is learning about the fun that a snuffle mat can provide. Being the center of attention is something Lily loves, and she exudes happiness at all times! Mostly she just wants to be near her foster family and will sit or lay down while the family cooks, eats dinner, and spends time together.  Because she is still learning her manners, Lily might unintentionally be a bit rough for smaller children right now, but that should definitely improve with time. 

Ideal Home: An ideal home for Lily would be one with a family who understands that she will require support, training, and time in order to fully bloom.  She is very loveable, a little rambunctious, and super active, so a family with TONS of time to share with her is imperative.  Having another canine companion in the home (one who will show her the ways while also maintaining boundaries) would be perfect for Lily. This girl needs a family who can match her energy and she is definitely the life of the party!  Could Lily be the perfect pup to join your family?

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