Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

Hulk is an Extraordinary Golden because of severe hip dysplasia.

GRR Number: 22-077

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In, Elmendorf

Status: Adopted

Age: 15 months

Weight: 88

Update:  Hulk had Total Hip Replacement (THR) surgery for hip dysplasia.  THR surgery is common for large breed dogs and is performed by removing both the ball and socket of the dog’s hip joint and replacing them with a combination of metal and plastic implants.  The surgery allows a dog to live a full, active life with full mobility and pain-free.  Hulk had his THR surgery this year followed by 3 months of strict exercise restrictions.  Today, Hulk has the “all clear” and is enjoying running, playing and living a full life.  Hulk was adopted on May 19.

 Personality: Sweet, big ‘ole Hulk is, according to his foster mom, “the most well-behaved foster we have ever had.” Details to follow on Hulk’s medical status when we receive them.

When it comes to housebreaking, Hulk is a perfect angel. He’s had no accidents and whines when he needs to go outside. He has been left alone in the home for as long as 4 hours with no incidents of any kind. He’s left to roam freely in the house without any restrictions.

Hulk is a playful and a joy around children. He is interested in playing with the family dog, but that dog does not return the interest. He may be intimidated by Hulk’s size. The family has no cats, so nothing to report along those lines. They also haven’t taken him on any car rides, so his foster mom doesn’t know about his behavior in the car. Nor have there been any leash walkies, but soon. He does like to chase a ball, but he hasn’t returned it yet.

As far as his indoor behavior, he is completely well-behaved. He has impeccable manners. He doesn’t jump on furniture or counters, get into the trash, or chew the furniture. He is perfection on 4 paws! He sleeps through the night without needing to get up. He sleeps in a crate with the door open and didn’t come out till he was asked to.

His energy is average, he’s sweet, friendly, not shy or afraid, confident, and just a bit clumsy! He’s bumped into things around the house and run into the glass door a few times…the big goof!

Ideal Home: Hulk definitely needs to be with someone who loves and can handle big dogs and his new family members need to give him lots of love and attention. He would make a great family dog and would not be fazed by an active household. He would enjoy the constant activity and lots of people to love on him. He loves being outside, so a nice big yard would be perfect for this perfect boy.

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