Ginger Snap

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-075

Type of Surrender: Mexico

Status: Available

Age: 7


Meet Ginger Snap who is a sweet, loving, silly, playful Golden looking for her forever home.  Ginger Snap is an 8 year-old female who came to GRR from our rescue partner in Mexico, where she was found wandering by the roadside.  She spent several weeks fostering on a farm while waiting for her trip to Texas.  

Ginger Snap enjoys food-puzzle toys and chilling on the sofa with you while watching television.  Her favorite game is ”find the food” where you scatter bits of food in the lawn and she searches for each morsel. She loves being brushed and practically dances when you scratch her hips.  Ginger Snap has a lot of love to give.  As with every dog, Ginger Snap needs an adopter who will love and accept her for the amazing Golden that she is, without putting unrealistic expectations on her.  She has so much love to give and wants to be with you as much as possible.  Could you be Ginger Snap’s forever family?  

Ideal Home:  Ginger Snap needs a forever home with a family that gives her ALL the attention, pets, and cuddles!  She wants to spend lots of time with her family who will support her needs:  

  1. While Ginger Snap loves to play with toys, she is not great at sharing them with other dogs.
  1. Because she did not have proper leash training while in Mexico, Ginger Snap has some leash reactivity.  She’s not currently working with a trainer but will benefit from training in the future.
  1. GingerSnap has average energy but she is physically quite strong.
  1. She gets along with other dogs, as long as toys are properly managed and is fine, with cats but thinks they are fun to chase.
  1. Ginger Snap has some have arthritis so takes Carprofen and Gabapentin (both are inexpensive); however she’ll be best in a home that doesn’t require a lot of steps daily.

Note:  Ginger Snap has had several sessions with a trainer on leash reactivity but her adopting family must be patient, consistent and continue her training. 

View Ginger Snap stroll around her yard:


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