Cooper - April 8, 2008 – September 19, 2021

I am heartbroken as I type this note about Cooper’s passing.   Cooper was put to sleep in the morning of 9/19/21.  He had lost most function of his back legs on Friday and was diagnosed with Heart Cancer (Hemagiosarcoma) on Sunday morning.  The lack of blood flow due to the cancer was the cause of loss of leg function. Danny and I were with him for his last moments.

Cooper was 2 years old when we adopted him and brought him into our home on my 40th birthday. We had lost our 10 year old golden that previous December to bone cancer.  We longed to have another loving Golden Retriever in our family.  We were graced with this sweet dog for 11.5 years and are so grateful God sent him our way.  He loved walks, sleeping on his blanket on the couch (before arthritis made it so he couldn’t get up there anymore), eating his breakfast and dinner, car rides, rolling in the grass, getting brushed, and getting pet by any and everyone.  Children of any age were always his favorite to get love from and give love to and he was the gentlest dog with them.  I will miss the conversations and the interactions Cooper and I had with the neighborhood kids along our walks.  I am missing and will miss my shadow in the house, my constant work buddy, his soft personality, and the unconditional love that we all experienced each and every day he was with us.

Thank you so much for having let us adopt him.  We couldn’t have loved him anymore and Cooper couldn’t have loved us anymore.  I still can’t believe he is gone.  We will be ok and hope that someday we will see him again.

Forever grateful.

Debbie, Danny, and Matthew Malecha

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