Capri Sun

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-066

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: !2 weeks

Udate July10 from Foster Family

After 6 days in foster care personalities are starting to truly emerge. I first reported that Capri Sun was the leader of this two-girl pack but the times they are a-changin’. Capri has turned over the leadership role to her sister Ocean Pacific. Miss Capri follows Ocean out of the crate, out the door to the backyard where she loves to be chased by Ocean. Capri is still adventurous, but she has dialed it back a notch since arriving at our home. She loves to rip leaves off the bushes in the yard, enjoys looking through the fence at the golfers going by, and is the first to follow me toward the back porch. Capri loves flopping on her back in my lap and enjoying a long tummy rub. If I’d let her, I think she might sleep all night in that position.

When it comes to the pool and swimming Capri get a gold star.  I carried Capri in the water, and she relaxed in my arms with her legs dangling as if she was lounging on a pool float waiting for someone to bring her a cold drink. She naturally started dog paddling when I placed my arms under her. When we made our way to the shallow tanning ledge, and I put her down she casually looked around and climbed out of the pool. Check out Ocean’s story to hear about her reaction to the swimming lesson.

Capri sleeps through the night in the crate she shares with Ocean She is doing well with potty training, but she still has accidents in the house. Much of that blame can be placed on me for not understanding when she is trying to tell me she needs to go outside. Without fail the moment her feet hit the grass she goes potty. Both girls respond extremely well to positive reinforcement, and they are food motivated. This makes training as easy as can be expected for 13-week-old puppies.

Both Capri and Ocean are well-behaved while getting a bath but being dried with a big, fluffy towel is more a game of take-away than actually drying of puppy fur. This too shall pass with practice and reminders that the towel is for drying not for snatch and run games.

Capri Sun loves to be held and she equally enjoys playing with toys and chasing me or being chased by her sister through the backyard. This baby girl is going to make some lucky family very happy. Her forever family must be willing and able to continue her training, be patient during the transition of leaving her sister, and be ready to spend a lifetime giving her tummy rubs.



Capri Sun and Ocean Pacific are 1- week-old litter mates. These girls made the journey to GRR from Laredo via a Fourth-of-July weekend stay at Converse Animal Hospital in San Antonio, then on July 3, they enjoyed a luxury car ride with plenty of attention on the drive to Austin.

After 24 hours in care, I can report the following:  Capri Sun appears to be the leader of the two-girl pack.  She is the first one awake and the last to close her eyes and settle down for a nap.  She loves to instigate a game of chase or “bitey head.”  She is not intimidated by our two Goldens, ages three and four and will jump right in the middle of the big dog games. This little girl is a happy-go-lucky puppy, but don’t let her energy level fool you, she loves to sit in your lap and snuggle up for a nice belly rub.

We are working on basic commands.  Capri Sun will need a family willing to continue her training and help her lean to be a well-behaved family member.  She and her sister are smart girls, and both are already responding to their names, and beginning to understand the “Sit” command.

Check back soon for updates as we learn more about this sweet ray of sunshine.

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