Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-099

Type of Surrender: Stray

Status: Available

Age: 6-7

Meet GRR’s handsome and gentle, Bodie! This boy is the sweetest - he was found by a good samaritan and when no owner claimed him, he joined GRR. He is reliably house-trained, and when he is left alone he is allowed to free to roam in his foster home.  So far, Bodie has not been kept in a crate. Bodie has great manners - he does not jump on people and is not mouthy.  It is reported that he is very gentle for the most part.  This golden gentleman loves all humans and was reportedly an absolute angel in his foster home recently when he met several children/teens. Additionally, Bodie gets along well with the other Golden in his foster home…although he shows great curiosity towards the cats, and MIGHT chase them around the house a bit (in a loving way, of course)!

This good boy loves to take a ride in the car, and his foster family has trained him to jump right in when it’s time to go!  He is also great on a leash, does not bark at other dogs, and has even shown his gold star behavior during trips to Target and Home Depot (where he was absolutely fantastic)!  Bodie will retrieve a toy or ball, and he enjoys having toys (sometimes several at a time) - if he’s in a feisty mood, he will toss toys around or chew on them, if he’s tired and/or calm, he will bring them to his dog bed for a cuddle.  This boy loves a comfy dog bed, and enjoys relaxing by his human(s) feet while they’re on the couch.  Bodie sleeps through the night soundly on his dog bed right next to his foster parent’s bed. 

Thus far, Bodie has not had the opportunity for a swim, it is unknown how he feels about storms, nor has he been groomed (yet) in his foster home.  Bodie’s foster family is working with him to learn various training skills/cues right now such as: sit, shake, stay, etc.  He is willing to learn and loves to please, he learns quickly too! Bodie has average energy for his age, he is energetic, but not too puppy-like, he also is happy to rest by your side while you work, or accompany you on a long stroll.  Currently, Bodie goes to work at an office with his foster family member and is an excellent office assistant- no barking or disruptions, and a beloved member of the team!  He is described as: happy, loving, calm and sweet. This beautiful boy loves his people and prefers to be with them at ALL times. 

Ideal Home: An ideal home for Bodie would be a family that will let him come along with them as much as possible.  He is routine- driven, loves to be close to his family, and is full of so much love to share.  In addition, Bodie would benefit from a home with a fellow canine companion for him, as he loves to be around and play with other dogs.  Could your family be the perfect fit for the noble and devoted Bodie?

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