Bella Marie

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-078

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 10

Weight: 95

Personality: Bella Marie is a sweet old gal who has been carrying a lot of extra weight for a lot of years, but she has lost seven pounds since being in her foster home. She has lost enough weight since coming to her foster home that she is having less trouble getting up and down. Since she is a very mature lady, she is reliably house trained and is allowed to stay loose in the house with her foster brothers at all times. She’s very good with children and does not jump on house guess or family. She does hop up and down happily on her front legs when she gets really excited.

Bella Marie is well aware that she is too old to keep up with the younger dogs and could get knocked over so she behaves accordingly. But if she has a toy, she demands her respect as a senior citizen and lets out a low growl to let them know “my ball!” She obviously doesn’t retrieve.

She hasn’t been around cats. But she is very good riding in the car and absolutely loves to cool off in the pool and surprisingly she is a strong swimmer. She does well on her neighborhood walks, but two blocks are plenty for her. She does get very excited to go on a walk, even if she can’t go far. Her family uses her love of short walks and swimming to stimulate her and let her get some exercise.

In the house, Bella Marie is very gentle girl. Most of her indoor time is spent sleeping. She loves to be petted and can be quite persistent about getting that attention. She will join the other dogs in the barking when the doorbell rings are other dogs walk by the house. If there is a thunderstorm, she sticks close to her people.

She sleeps through the night. If she happens to be asleep in the living room when the family goes to bed, she will wake up at some point and make her way to her bed in the bedroom.

Ideal Family: Bella Marie is mellow and she would likely fit in anywhere. It would be best if someone in her forever family would be home most of the time and they should all have understanding to take care of this sweet old girl.


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