Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-094

Type of Surrender: Stray

Status: Available

Age: 1-2

1/31 Update: 

Happy, goofy, adorable and curious is the best way to describe Mr. Aster.  He is sweet, happy and a bundle of joyful energy.  Aster enjoys playing, walks and hanging with his people and his foster buddy Bear.  Aster is curious so a watchful eye is important but his charm is hard to resist.  He is a joy to have around….and simply adorable.

Overall, Aster is easy going, enjoys attention and snuggling on the sofa. He gets along great with his foster sibling and really enjoys him so suspect Aster would benefit from another dog in the household.  He could likely adapt to a non-dog home if there were attentive humans home much of the day.  Aster enjoys activity so a home where he gets to explore the yard, have regular walks and enrichment activities are important. Aster is not a full-time couch potato!

As with all dogs, Aster will benefit from continued training to increase his good manners and keep him safe. He has done a great job learning to navigate the foster’s hardwood floors so should do fine in a home without carpeting as long as there are area rugs.  Since the fosters are home most of the time, Aster will likely not do well in a household where no one is home during the day.  Aster is a real sweetheart and has been very adaptable.  Aster needs a family that will give him stimulation, training, and activity in a loving, safe, comfortable and snuggle-rich environment.


Update:  December 2nd   Charming, goofy, adorable and curious are how the foster describes Aster.    He is very sweet, outgoing and likes to greet everyone he meets.  Aster has good energy and he and his foster sibling enjoy wrestling, running laps in the backyard, and playing tug-of-war.  Many times Aster is the instigator of this play. 

Aster is a tripod Golden but that doesn’t slow him down.  He has gained so much strength that he zips around the yard doing crazy zoomies.  This little tripod can move.  Needless to say, he has fully rehabilitated from his surgery, is healthy and ready for his forever family. 

When not zipping around, Aster enjoys cuddling and hanging out with his people.  He is curious so a watchful eye is important as he’s a teenage Golden; but no one can resist his charm.  He is easy going, loves attention, but not in a needy way, and likes to explore.  Aster gets along great with his foster sibling and they enjoy playing together.  He enjoys activity so a home where he gets to explore the yard, regular walks and enrichment are important.  Aster is not a full-time couch potato yet!!  As with all dogs, Aster will benefit from training to learn good manners and to keep him safe.

Aster has adjusted well to being a 3-legged Golden and can navigate hardwood floors.  While he can do steps, multiple sets of steep steps multiple times a day would be too much for him.  Aster enjoys people so a household with someone home during the day and another dog for playing are ideal.  Most importantly, Aster loves his sidekick Lamb Chop so he needs a family willing to adopt Lamb Chop too as Aster takes it with him everywhere he goes.  Aster is a real sweetheart.  Could you be Aster’s forever family?

Watch Aster’s television debut.   

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Update:  October 24th

Aster has been cleared to get out of his crate and his sutures have been removed!!  This boy is making wonderful progress.  YEA!!!  To celebrate, Aster took a short walk and was surprisingly strong even on his one leg.  And of course, Aster took Lambchop on his walk.  He walked in a zig-zag fashion but foster mom Carolyn says he’ll figure it out very quickly as Aster is a smart boy.  While Aster likes stuffies, Lambchop is numero uno as Aster takes him outside to potty, to the doctor to have his sutures removed and keeps him nearby at naptime.  Whoever adopts Aster will need to love lambchop as much as he does.   Aster has made so much progress during the 23 days in GRR care and we can’t wait to watch him continue to blossom. 

Update:  October 20th

Aster, his Lamb Chop attached, had his follow-up appointment yesterday and he is ecstatic! No more sutures, no more yucky stuff in his ears and he had a little hygienic trim. His buddy, the cone monster, stays for just a little longer, but for now he is free from that crate!   Dr. Lewis, who performed his amputation just two weeks ago, has released him, a testament to the excellent care provided by his recovery foster family! Now is the time to get strong and do his doggie email.
From critical care to doggie nirvana! Go Aster!

Update:  October 18th

My sweet Lamb Chop keeps me company, she is part of my adoption package, it has to be on the contract, but I'm ready to explore the world outside my crate for sure. Don’t much care about that crate, so I bark at my fosters – ok, sometimes I’m loud. About those treats, I don't know which to pick - a treat or Lamb Chop hugs, I try for both! I know I need to get stronger, but all I want to do is roll in the grass and catch up on my doggie email. I may be a little weak, but I'm determined to run around and play like any other beautiful Golden boy out there - and I AM cute! So, watch out world, here I come! Aster and Lamb Chop to the rescue!

Meet Aster (23-094), a Golden rescued from the Valley, in critical condition, who desperately needed immediate care. He was missing part of his foot and paw! The photos are not pretty. That cloth in the photo above is wrapped around what's left of his leg.

Untreated and in excruciating pain – he needed care fast! The shelter in Pharr County told us we had just 24 hours to get him into GRR care or they would have to euthanize him. They just didn’t have the facilities to give him the care he needed.

A team of volunteers, which included two medical doctors, took to the skies and flew to McAllen to pick him up. Back in Austin, two more volunteers met the plane and rushed him to CTVSH (a veterinary emergency hospital). There, he underwent a comprehensive exam. He was given fluids, pain medication and antibiotics for infection. Everyone held their breath and prayed that he would make it through the night. He was in really bad shape.

And he DID make it. The next day, the vet told us the transfusion seemed to be working but he needed more antibiotics - this boy was covered in ticks! But, after two days, Aster was well enough to be with his foster family.

After a lot of TLC, some needed weight gain, and his infection now under control, he was cleared for amputation of his leg on October 4th. He was now on his way to a proper doggie life of love.

As of this writing, Aster’s foster describes him as sweet, snuggly and a completely delightful 2-year-old boy. He’s gaining more mobility and strength and is adjusting to life with three legs. Lamb Chop is never far away from him in his crate.

Stay tuned for updates on his recovery!

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