Aluna Moon Pie

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-037

Type of Surrender: Owner Surrender

Status: Available

Age: 2

Personality: Aluna had a bit of a timid start with her foster family after a long trip to central Texas from Laredo.  Since her arrival, her foster family reports that Aluna is adjusting and starting to show more age-appropriate young Golden energy as each day passes. She was surrendered by a family who no longer had the time to devote to her and wanted her to have a better life.  She is new to GRR, but is fairly healthy aside from needing to gain some weight, which should be easily achieved with some good, healthy food!

Aluna is active and really enjoys playing with her foster family’s two younger dogs zooming happily around the yard.  She also enjoys playing with the foster family’s older dog, but he isn’t always as keen to play, and in those situations, Aluna will back off respectfully.  It is reported that Aluna matches her energy to the dogs she is around, for example, she plays exuberantly with the younger dogs, but then will be more calm with the older dog.  When Aluna receives a social cue to “back off” such as a bark, she will back off and seems to understand the message. In all observations so far, she seems to get along with other dogs in her foster home and out on walks in the neighborhood.

Aluna seems to be housebroken, as she has not had any accidents in the house.  Her foster family does crate her when she is left alone.  Aluna is not a fan of the crate thus far, but her foster family reports that it is a work in progress.  When recently observed, Aluna did well being around children, and seemed calm and happy.  So far, Aluna has not been exposed to cats in her foster home, so it is unknown how she will react.

As for riding in the car, Aluna had quite the roadtrip to join GRR, but her transport team reported that she was calm for the ride and laid in the back corner of the vehicle for the duration of the trip.  When it comes to treats, Aluna is gentle; however, she does not like to take them from a person’s hand quite yet.  Aside from that, she is eating well. She is also a dainty drinker,  and doesn’t splash or make a mess while drinking water…which can be a rare trait amongst Goldens!

Aluna does have some areas to improve her manners (just slightly), she will jump up on people, especially when they are seated. Her foster family is working to correct the behavior.  It is reported that her other “silly puppy behaviors” have been easily redirected with a toy or treat. She does like to chew on her blanket. So far, Aluna has had some walking while on a leash, and has done really well. She is also just starting to play with toys, her foster family feels like she might retrieve with time, for now, Aluna will interact when playing with a toy is initiated.  It is not known at this time how Aluna feels about swimming; she will be spayed soon, so her foster family is waiting to try out swimming until she has healed from that procedure.

In her new environment, Aluna has been a bit skittish, but has quickly warmed up to the people in her home, often following them around the house. She has sniffed at the countertops a bit, but has not done anything more yet- her foster family has been quick to discourage that behavior.  At night, Aluna sleeps in a crate, which as mentioned above, she doesn’t love going into right now, but once in there she settles and sleeps all night. Her foster family has not yet groomed her, but said she didn’t seem bothered when they had to hose her off.

Overall, Aluna is a sweet girl. She is gaining confidence in herself each day and has been described as alert, curious, playful and smart.

Ideal Home: Aluna will benefit from a home with a stable environment, proper nutrition, and a place where her people have time and patience to devote to her.  This Golden Girl has lots of love to share, and would love a place with room for her to run and play. 

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