Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-096

Type of Surrender: Palm Valley Animal Control

Status: Available Soon

Age: 6 months

Weight: 23

Troy is a tiny fella. He needs to gain 10-15 pounds, but he will always be small. The sweet little guy hasn’t had much luck in his short life. Troy has a parasite infection which is causing an unusual gait when walking. He started antibiotics on Sept 27 and we’re hopeful that will address the issue. He's being monitored closely. 

Strike two for poor little Troy: One night while going out to do his pre-bedtime business, a rattlesnake came out of nowhere and struck Troy right between the eyes. He was rushed to the vet and, incredibly, the antivenom, fluids and moms fast action saved the day. Now Troy will have quite the story to tell his friends someday.

Personality: On to Troy’s sweet an affectionate personality.

Troy was obviously never housetrained, so his foster family is working diligently on that. When he is left alone, he is not crated but confined to a large bathroom until his potty training is complete.

Because he’s still recovering from the snake bike and he’s not real steady on his feet because of his odd gait, he has not been around other dogs yet. His foster family has a cat who he loves to chase if they are outside. Inside, he just barks a little, but the cat is not afraid of him.

Troy is a good car rider and already pretty good on the leash. He seems to have little experience with toys and he doesn’t know how to retrieve a ball, although he likes to chase it.

Troy hasn’t had a chance to be around water to test his swimming ability. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of thunderstorms to this point.

Troy always seem very happy, so it doesn’t seem like he hurts anywhere, either from the issue with his walk or from the snake bite.

Just as with the house training, it seems Troy never had any kind of training. He doesn’t seem to have much of a vocabulary. He has learned “no”, the most important word in any young dog’s life.

As mentioned earlier, he is sweet and affectionate. Since he can’t run or walk normally, he bounces around when he’s excited, which makes him fall sometimes. He makes his family smile when he tries to figure out what to do with a squeaky toy.

Ideal Home:  Troy needs a home with family that has experience training young dogs and who is willing to take a lot of time with him. It would be best that his forever family not have big, rough playing dogs, because of his gait. He has the makings of a wonderful, loving companion.

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