Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-096

Type of Surrender: Palm Valley Animal Control

Status: Available

Age: 1 year

Weight: 45



I’m back! Troy went off the grid for a while during the time he was meeting with several specialists to determine why he has a slightly odd gait when he walks.  Numerous tests were done, and it was found that there is actually nothing wrong with his hips – he simply has an odd gait which makes stairs difficult, but it doesn’t stop him from running and playing. He shows no sign of pain and he doesn’t even seem to realize he has a problem. “What funny walk? That’s just me, Troy.”  The foster calls it a Troy-gait as it’s unique to him.

Troy is sweet, lovable and very good natured. After his debut on Facebook five months ago, he has doubled in size and weight, but looks like he’ll probably still be a small golden.   Troy loves to play with other dogs and gets along well with them.  He takes treats gently and is pretty calm with kids considering he’s only 1-year old.

Troy enjoys walks, pulls initially but then walks nicely on leash.  He’ll retrieve in the house FOREVER but is easily distracted outside --- again, typical 1 year old.  Troy hasn’t been around water to test his swimming ability but suspect he’d enjoy it. Troy will pull pillows off the sofa but doesn’t destroy things. Again typical 1-year behavior.

Troy loves baths and grooming, is a great car-rider, and sleeps all night. However, he isn’t too crazy about the commotion of the lawnmower or leaf blower.   Best of all, he doesn’t seem bothered by thunderstorms!  Troy is a sweet, sweet boy who has learned how to snuggle on the sofa and enjoy cuddling.

Ideal Home

Troy needs a home with at least one dog as he is very active and loves to play and just loves other dogs. A one story home would be essential as he just can't do steps well. He has been around kids of all ages and was very calm and sweet with them. He is also good with cats but does love to chase them. He likes baths and loves to be groomed. His coat is super soft and silky. He just needs a family to love him and ideally not leave him alone all day.


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