Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number:  16-116

Type of Surrender:  

Status: Matched

Age: 2

Weight:  62 lbs.

Personality: This beautiful dog came in to GRR with a leg that was severely broken and had been broken for some time. Unfortunately, the best way to treat him at that point was to remove the leg. But Ransom came through like a trooper and was soon getting around just fine. It is amazing how sweet and full of life he is after having gone through such a bad experience. Ransom can run with the best of them on his 3 legs and doesn’t let anything hold him back.

Ransom is actually pretty mellow for a two-year-old. After a good play session, he takes a nice long nap. He’s a curious fellow and very affectionate. He sometimes expresses his affection by being mouthy, but this is typical of many young dogs and is easily correctable. He loves to be brushed and will offer up his belly for a rub during a grooming session.

Ransom has never had an accident in the house and he gets silly and friendly around children. He and his foster family’s poodle get along great and love a good romp together. He does fine in the car after a boost to get him in. He has shown interest in the family pool, but has not ventured in.

Ideal Home: Whoever takes Ransom home with him will be a lucky family indeed. But his forever family needs to be able to accommodate his handicap, because as courageous as he is, there are some things he can’t and shouldn’t try to do. As an example, his new house shouldn’t have stairs.

Ransom needs a home with lots of love and hopefully another dog for him to play with. He is a sweet work in progress, but will require training to learn some of the basics that he apparently was not fortunate to have as a pup.

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