Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-015

Type of Surrender: Stray from Rio Grande Valley

Status: Available

Age: 5-6 years

Weight: 61 (goal weight 70)

Update: Mariana (also known as “Valley Girl”) has a lot to overcome. Her life until now is a big unknown, but it has definitely been a rough one. Mariana is a spayed female aged 5-6, who came in from the Rio Grande Valley area. She was originally from Mexico and was taken from her home because of severe neglect from what we understand. She came in with mange and skin issues. Poor Mariana ws VERY emaciated, to the point that you could see all the bones in her skull.

Since the orginal story (below) was written, Mariana has begun to show more of her personality and her ability to be a wonderful pet. When she's left alone, she's earned the privilege of some free roaming without the baby gate. She met a group of children and one of her walks and she calmly enjoyed their attention as they took turns petting her. She has begun to fetch like a retriever and will let the ball go when she wants it thrown again. Mariana seems to have no problem with thunderstorms and she calmly sleeps by her foster moms bed a night.

Her hair is growing in and she is gaining weight, looking better and better everyday. She does have hip dysplasia and a little arthritis, but this doesn't stop her from enjoying her walks. She does need a little boost getting into the car.

For her ideal home, one with someone around a good part of the time would be nice, but she is fine being left for a few hours.  She also needs someone active enough to give her good walks. Getting plenty of exercise will help ensure she will be well-behaved in the house. But this is true of all dogs.  She would be good with children, very calm and loves to be petted and would be happy to fetch thrown balls.  She does have bad hips so a one story house would be best as they will get worse with age and she does like to follow her people around.  She will be a very loyal dog to whomever she becomes bonded to, no running off with this one.

 Personality: Mariana is an adorable "mix" dog, but is pure Golden at heart, so GRR just had to help out this poor thing and they are so grateful that they did. Everyone who meets Mariana is completely bowled over by her loveable, “A+” personality. Sweet Mariana has obviously seen some neglect, coming to GRR emaciated and with mange and skin issues. But  her foster mother says that her personality indicates that she did have love and kindness in her life at one time, because she's not fearful of people, greeting them with a happy tail wag and interacting with them like a well-behaved dog.

Mariana is making huge strides in her foster home, regaining her overall strength and the strength in her hips with the help of love and a good diet. She likes to be near her foster mom, craving that human contact she has obviously been without. Mariana is taking well to training and has already learned sit on command. The rest will undoubtedly come quickly. She hasn’t had a lot of contact with other dogs yet, but she does seem like she’d love to play with them. She likes to bark and chase the house cat, but there are hopes that as time goes on she will become buddies with kitty. She hasn’t been around children yet, but is calm when walking past them.

She is a good leash walker, but she just can’t make up her mind which side of foster mom she wants to walk on! Mariana is also good in the car as long as she can lay down so she doesn’t have to balance on her hips. After a bit of tug of war with her first toy, a stuffed ducky, she proceeded to shred it, like any respectable retriever would! She is nice and calm in the house, especially if she can be near her foster mom. She does like to snooze in the closet. It probably makes her feel safe and secure.

Mariana likes to be groomed, another luxury she definitely never enjoyed before. She lets foster mom clean up the areas on her face that are still sensitive.

She is sweet, loving work in progress but there is now where to go up for Mariana.

Ideal Home: Mariana has a way to go to recover from her rough life and her forever family should be willing to take a big part in that recovery. A family that has someone who would be home with her a lot would definitely be a plus.  She would be fine as an only dog if she had opportunities to play and romp with other dogs from time to time. Cats are a question mark right now, but her foster mom that Mariana would be fine with children.

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