Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-22

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In to shelter

Status: Available Late May

Age: 2ish

Weight: 43

Another Update from Hero (April 20):

Howdy everybody!  Hero here!

I have wonderful news to share with everyone!

Two weeks ago, when I went to my 6 week post-surgery follow-up with my good doctor at CTVSH, he said that my kneecap was out of place.  In order to get my kneecap back in place so I can do a proper "do-see-do" or a  "Cotton Eye Joe" again, he wondered if he would need to go back into the bone and reconnect "Dem Bones" (the knee bone's connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone's connected to the hip bone ...).   That would mean another 3 weeks in the "dreaded cone", and 8 weeks of completely restricted activity. And, of course, back into Penitentiary Block 9 (aka "the crate").

I went to surgery #2 today, and my good doctor found a lot of left-over scar tissue from the initial femur breakage. Once he cleared as much of that up as he could, my kneecap went back into place! He secured it in place, for the healing period.


We're no longer looking at another 8 week long recovery period, but maybe only 3 weeks until I can start getting some gradual freedom back into my life!

My life finding my forever family is coming closer ... I can just FEEL it! Sure am looking forward to meeting and making YOU my HERO!


Update from Hero (Original story below)

Hi everybody! Hero here!

Well, the good news is that my shattered femur is healing quite nicely.  The bones aren't entirely knitted back together, but it's only been 6 weeks, so another 2 weeks and my leg should be "good as gold".

The bad news is, my kneecap didn't heal properly in place, and is "laterally displaced".   So, I'll need another surgery in 2 weeks to make sure my kneecap is secured and heals where it's supposed to.

Which means my world will go white again :-(   I'll have to go back to the cone of shame again for 2 weeks, and likely another week after the sutures are removed from this second surgery. Then after that, another 5 weeks of recovery in the crate. 

My puppy mind is BLOWN!   This will end up with my being restricted to a crate for 4 (FOUR!) months.   I can't wait to be FREE again!

Good thing my Auntie Em has lots of good treats for me, and things to keep my mind occupied.   We've been working on some basic commands like sit, wait for the treat and take it gently, etc and she says I'm quite the smart pookie because I "get it" pretty quickly.  She bought a bag of bacon treats, and let me tell you, I will do ANYTHING for those treats ... mmmmmm .... bacon!  I'm just dreaming of the time when I can go for a walk around the block, check out the swimming hole, and just LOOSE MY MIND running in the back yard.

Auntie says that obedience school would do me well, even though I've been doing well in my "home schooling"   I tend to agree - anything OUTSIDE of the crate would be AWESOME-SAUCE!

Oh, and there are some new pictures of me, too, without THAT DARNED CONE!


Here I am!  Where are you?

I was left at the shelter in Laredo, a neglect case whose owner didn’t want to take me back.  But what I was left behind with, was a shattered left rear leg which was already 2 weeks old.   A neglect case?  GRR will not know, as we just bring these wonderful pups in need in, and leave the court to decide the rest.

So let me tell you more about myself:

At the end of February, when I was brought in, the wonderful staff at CTVSH operated on my leg, hoping to be able save the leg, despite all of the scar tissue that had developed over those 2 weeks.   Thankfully, Dr Matt O’Donnell believes he was able to do it!     

Now came the hard part.   Crate restriction 99% of the time, and only let out to potty on a short leash.

And the cone.  That darned dreaded cone.   My entire world was white.   To the left, white.  To the right, white.  Up, down.  All white.  

I did not like being crated and cried and barked and whined … eventually my foster mom invested in a GREAT pair of ear-plugs so she could survive the night.   Wouldn’t you cry too?!?   

But after a while, I came to understand that all my barking in frustration at being left alone in the crate, and way from my newbie family was something that had to be, in my best health interests.   After all, it wasn’t my Auntie Em’s fault.  She’s just doing her best, to follow the good doctor’s orders.   

My surgery tried to place the broken bones in my leg back in place, and put the kneecap back into its original position. (By the way, there's a picture in my story here of my bare tooshie with my scar. Pretty cool, huh?)   We did away with the cone a week ago (3 wks post surgery, and 1 wk post stitches removal).   I can’t tell you how happy I felt that day … the world had re-opened to me, even though I still had to be on a short leash!   I’m happy to know the grass is still green (and not white), the flowers are still yellow and red and blue (and not white), and the sky is still blue (and not white).

I’m now 4 weeks into recovery, post-surgery, and will see my doctor again in another 2 weeks to get another set of x-rays to see if everything has been healing well, and what rehab I might need.

I can’t wait to have my good doctor give me some  … what do they call it?  Exercise restriction clearance.

I so want to play with my 2 Golden brudders from anudder mudder.   Each time we meet across the babygates, I play-bow to them, so wanting to play.  Auntie Em keeps telling, “in time,Grasshopper, in time”.

And I really want to spend time outside of the crate …. More than just to go potty.  One of my brudders brought me one of their woobies, hoping to play with me.  Really hard to do with a crate separating us. But once I was let loose to eat, I found that woobie, and let me tell you … I WUV WOOOBIES!!!!

When I first came in, my foster mom kept singing “I’m holding out for a hero at the end of the night”. 

And well, here I am. And Auntie Em says that I really AM her Hero, because there was a big, bad storm last night and I didn't bat a big brown eye, didn't flinch. Not a whimper came out of me all night through the storm! Whoohoo!

And now, hopefully after another 4 weeks in recovery, we’ll both be singing:

"I'm turning loose, footloose, kick off the Sunday shoes
Please, Louise, pull me off of my knees,

Jack, get back, come on before we crack
Lose your blues, everybody cut footloose"

I likely won’t be a good jogging partner, due to the scar tissue left over from my injury, but I promise to be the best family addition to an active home.   

My foster mom made me add this (she’s so mean):  Hero would greatly benefit from an obedience class, and, once cleared for activity, kept on an active schedule which his leg allows and which his good doctor will recommend once cleared.  

To learn about the adoption process and complete an application, click here.   We do not guarantee the availability of the dog that you have expressed interest in as it may be matched to another waiting family.  However, there are always new dogs available as rescue is dynamic.  We appreciate your interest in adopting a rescued golden.


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