Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-103

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Matched

Age: 8-10

17-103 Harvey, age 10, is a handsome redhead who was surrendered to the Laredo shelter when his owner took a job working offshore rigs.  Unfortunately, we immediately noticed Harvey had serious mobility issues and was extremely lethargic.  Harvey was rushed to a specialist who suspected a Systemic Fungal Infection such as Valley Fever, common in the southwestern US.  Harvey had severe bone loss, bone proliferation in both hips and his lift wrist along with numerous other issues.  Harvey’s prognosis was poor but he started on an expensive Name-Brand Sporinox medication.   What a difference love, good food and quality medical care have made.  Today, Harvey walks, runs and jumps without limping and pain.  Harvey will likely be on the antibiotics for life, but he is enjoying the good life thanks to GRR.

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