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GRR Number: 17-002

Type of Turn-in: Owner Surrender

Status: Available after rehab

Age: 12-15 months

Weight: 59

Dallas is not quite ready to go home with a forever family. Her availability and story will be updated when her rehab is complete.

Dallas’ previous owner turned her into GRR after she jumped their 4-foot fence and was hit by a car, dislocating her hip. Her owner could not afford the cost of the surgery to help his dog, so he made the ultimate loving gesture and turned Dallas over to GRR where she could get the help she needed.

Personality: Dallas, of course, is not allowed to run, jump and play right now like the normal 1-year old golden would. She needs time to rehab from her surgery. But she is out-going, high energy and loves people, all signs that let us see what kind of wonderful dog she will be in the future. She can’t retrieve right now, but she responds to the “leave it” command and will allow her fosters to take bones and toys away from her without a fuss. Dallas is a smart girl and learns very quickly.

Dallas is completely housetrained and likes to be groomed. But she may be a bit sensitive in the area of her surgery when the brushing gets down there. She does well on the leash and is good in the car what with all the practice she’s had going to and from her doctor visits. Because of the need to keep her inactive for a while, she has learned to be good in her crate and sleeps quietly in there through the night. She has a funny little game she likes to play while hanging out in her crate. She puts a toy down on her hip and lets it roll down her leg, talking to it all the way down. Again, because she is in rehab, she has not been left alone outside the crate when no one is home, so how she would behave home alone uncrated is still an unknown.

Dallas gets happy and bouncy but completely in control around children. You can tell she is suppressing her natural urge to run and play with them. She hasn’t been allowed to play with other dogs, but her foster family feels that she would love to rough house with them like any golden would, which is totally appropriate for her age.

Ideal Home:  When Dallas is through rehab and ready to go to her forever home, that home should be one with an active family with older kids. This new family needs to understand the need to work with her on some barking issues she has. She could also use an obedience class or two, but these classes are a great way to bond with a new family dog.

GRR is very careful to try and not put very young dogs or known jumpers where there is a 4 ft fence as it’s easy for a Golden to jump.  Chain link fences can also be problematic as a dog can climb it.

To learn about the adoption process and complete an application, click here.   We do not guarantee the availability of the dog that you have expressed interest in as it may be matched to another waiting family.  However, there are always new dogs

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