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We invite all Golden owners, anyone who is interested in helping needy Goldens, and all who simply admire the wonderful characteristics of the breed to become members of Gold Ribbon Rescue! GRR Membership is one way to show your support in our mission of helping and rescuing more Goldens.

“Being a member of GRR means to me that I have a little bit more of a vested interest in the organization and a strong belief in the mission. I feel more connected to the success of GRR as a member and know that every dollar helps fund the needs of the dogs. As a volunteer for the past 12 years, I feel that my membership helps tie my commitment to Gold Ribbon Rescue all together.”

Membership Benefits

We believe the greatest benefit you realize as a GRR member is knowing that your money helps Goldens in need. As a GRR member, you will:

  • Receive email notifications about GRR meetings and events
  • Review GRR financial information
  • Receive minutes from GRR Board of Directors meetings
  • Attend GRR business meetings. Please note: if you qualify to be a voting member, you may also vote at our annual election

Many of the grant-funding organizations that we apply to for our Goldens require that we exhibit a strong and sustained membership base. Joining GRR as a member helps us establish this base.

We offer four levels of membership with 100% of your membership dues going toward the medical needs for our dogs upon intake (see the list below to know what your dollars provide). Membership is for a 12-month period. Membership levels include:

  • Golden Partner membership is $50
  • Golden Star membership is $100
  • Golden Hero membership is $250
  • Golden Champion membership is $500

Veterinary Costs

We believe the greatest benefit you realize as a GRR member is knowing that your money helps Goldens in need. As a GRR member, you are entitled to:

  • $50 Golden Partner membership funds a basic wellness exam at a GRR vet
  • $100 Golden Hero membership funds wellness exam plus Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella vaccinations at a GRR vet
  • $250 Golden Champion funds a wellness exam, vaccinations and Heartworm test and fecal testing at a GRR vet
  • $500 Golden Champion funds dental extractions/cleaning at a GRR vet and helps support other medical needs such as Spay or Neuter ($400) Heartworm Treatment ($900) and Orthopedic procedures and surgeries which start at $1000

Please take a moment right now to join or renew your GRR Membership. Thank you for helping us rescue more Goldens. Join Us!!

Membership For One Year:

“Being a long-time member of GRR just feels like the right thing to do. I've had my wonderful GRR dog for nine years and it has been one of the best things in my life. The small amount for the dues helps to continue the work of GRR and I am proud to be part of this organization. All the volunteers are wonderful, dedicated true rescue people and I've made some fabulous friends.”

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