Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 24-047

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 2.5

Update:  July 2nd:  

Ollie is a happy, fun, rambunctious and sweet Golden.  He’s also very handsome.  Like every young Golden, Ollie needs stimulation, two walks a day, and toys ….. lots and lots of toys.  Ollie loves to empty the toy box and scatter them all over the house!.  Nylabones are a favorite!  He will chew rubber-type toys so best to stay away from them.  Ollie is housetrained and great in the house; however, he is crated or baby-gated when left alone as he a young boy who might get into mischief if left alone without stimulating things to do.

Ollie loves people and is a very Velcro dog with his people.  Ollie’s fun to have around and likes to cuddle and be loved on.  He is a 75lb loyal, happy boy who thinks he’s a lapdog.  Ollie is not a fan of being outside (it’s summer in Austin) and if he’s outside too long, he’ll run to the door and push against it which is his way of telling you “I want to go inside now!” 

Ideal home:  Ollie needs a family that will keep him busy and stimulated as he’s a young Golden who enjoys zoomies around the yard.  As he’s a big boy, small kids or elderly may not be ideal as he could easily knock someone over because he doesn’t know his grown-up boy size.  He also needs a family who will continue his daily anti-seizure medication.  Ollie prefers people to dogs but will do well with another nice dog in the home.  Is this wonderful boy the right Golden for you?


Meet Ollie, GRR’s loyal and happy Golden Goofball!  Ollie is rather large in size and also in personality! He enjoys a ride in the car (preferably in the front seat), has done well with the other dogs in his foster home, and loves toys (although he seems to need a LOT of them to keep his mind stimulated and busy).  As a younger dog (still a pup by Golden standards), Ollie needs ample exercise each day to keep him from getting into mischief…he has counter-surfed in his foster home, but mostly snags napkins to tear up. He loves people and can be a bit of a “Velco dog” at times; Ollie is a combination of rambunctious silliness and an easy-going boy. Ollie has not gone for a swim yet, but does have an interest in water, as he will climb right into the shower, if allowed!

Ideal Home: For Ollie, an ideal family would be one where he can get PLENTY of daily exercise and play time to keep his mind and body busy.  He would benefit from the companionship of another nice dog as he shows interest in his fellow canine companions in his foster home, but also respects the other dogs’ boundaries. Due to not being aware of his large size, a home with older children might be a good fit for him (but not necessarily required) as he could easily knock someone down (unintentionally, of course).  Overall, Ollie is truly a sweet, fun, and joyful dog who has lots of love to share.  Could Ollie be the right pup for your family?

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