Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 24-038

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available in June

Age: 7 months

Weight: 50 lbs

Oakley is doing well in his Board and Training.   He is working on basic commands:  sit, recall, proper greeting with no jumping and loose lead walk.  And is being exposed to new experiences and situations as Oakley likely had minimal exposure and situations as a puppy.

Oakley is learning to:

  • Sit before going in and out doors
  • Sit and wait to be released from his crate
  • “Break” as the release command
  • “Oakley!” in a high-pitched chipper tone when he reaches the end of the leash for recall or when changing directions on leash to stay with you
  • “Let’s go!” for heeling and to go potty

Oakley is fantastic with dogs of all sizes - big and small. He is great at taking vocal and body language cues and cautious of cats while having a healthy respect for them.  His lack of socialization shows with car rides as Oakley doesn’t want to get in and you have to physically pick him up.  He’ll slobber when riding in the car but this is getting better and we’re confident he will learn cars take you fun places. 

Oakley is super happy, energetic and easily settles in the house.  Once he gets comfortable in a situation, he loves to romp around the yard with other dogs. He enjoys grabbing a toy and just hanging out in the living room or the office while someone is working.  Oakley was left alone too much in his early life so he needs a family who’ll spend time with him whether he’s inside or outside.

Ideal Home:  Oakley will do great in an active family home. He loves to be with his people and is a fun dog to train. He’s a sweetheart that will do fine as an only dog or with other pets, cats included. Oakley can be crated but does not and should not be crated for long periods of time.

His forever family should continue showing him all sorts of new experiences but initially, these trips should be fairly quiet to not overstimulate him --- quiet sitting at a coffee shop, odd hours or a quiet back corner of Lowe’s/Home Depot garden area or a quiet walk around the neighborhood.  Thankfully Oakley is young enough that his late exposure to novel experiences shouldn’t be much of an issue.   Oakley needs to continue with his basic commands - sit, waiting at front/back doors, more exposure to getting in/out of car crate, car rides for a pupcup --- anything that’s fun.

Once Oakley feels comfortable, he really opens up and is a lovely,  happy, bubbly puppy. Could you be Oakley’s forever family?


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