Brandy Wine

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 24-030

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 8-10 months

Weight: 47

Update: May 12

Brandy is doing great in foster care and looking for her forever home.  She is timid for maybe a nano second when she meets someone but as soon as you bend over to pet her, she is your forever.  Brandy enjoys laying on the cool tile floor and as you walk by, she will flop on her back with her paws in the air which we call her "please pet my belly pose!" 

Brandy loves to run and play and this girl is a retriever as she'll retrieve 50% of the time.  She loves being on the big pool step and likes to swim.  Brandy is fairly mellow in the house and is usually either gnawing on her Nylabone or napping on the cool floor.  She is not a needy dog.  Brandy comes when you call her, will velcro herself to your leg and then melt into the floor for petting. 

She's been good with the neighbor tweens and has blended with the foster's dogs quickly.  The foster feels Brandy would be fine with a single person or a family as long as she can have lots of attention.  She will happily play-and-roll around with another friendly dog and has zoomies through the yard.  Brandy is a lovely, sweet, easy-going girl who is willing to do anything you want her to do.  Are you Brandy's forever family?


Update: April 29

She is absolutely adorable - Her favorite things are to explore - run after anything you throw (not yet retrieving) and cuddle as long as you pet her the whole time - if you're done petting her, she'll insist with her nose or a wiggle further onto you lap and, if not, then she gets down and lays on cool concrete either for a nap or to chew on good chunky nylabone - she is def a chewer but not in a bad way except for rubber flip-flops - have an outside pair that fell prey to her chewing tactics!!!

Sweet Brandy Wine is much like her namesake. She is sweet and meant to be savored and appreciated for the good girl she is. She knows to go out and go potty when the other dogs in the house do and is very reliably crate trained, going in on her own without having to be coaxed.

Brandy hasn’t met any children or cats yet. She did jump up of her foster folks at first out of pure excitement. Now when she jumps, she is very gentle. Brandy is extremely picky with her treats, spitting it out at first and then nibbling on it in a very lady-like manner. She’s gentle and doesn’t rough house at all. She jogs along with the other dogs when playing ball. She travels in the car very well, but she does want to be close. She has caught on to leash walking, again, very gently and smoothly (like a fine wine).

Brandy will fetch occasionally, which is very different than the other dogs in the house. She super sweet and ever so gentle when she puts her paws on your lap and when you pet her, she just melts to the floor.  She loves to chase my dog and the ball but she would be equally as good on her own.

She knows how to swim but she isn’t a huge fan of the pool just yet.

Brandy has been the least destructive puppy her foster family has ever had (with the exception of the flip-flop this morning that met an untimely demise.) She will once in a while give a light snarl if one of the other dogs hovers too close to her. As far as our spring thunderstorms, Brandy has be very calm and shows now undue excitement.

Brandy sleeps through the night with no issues and is very blasé about toys. When it comes to grooming she turns into a little wiggle worm, but tolerates it just fine.

Ideal Home: Brandy Wine is going to make some lucky family a great friend and addition to their family. She’s great with other dogs and new people. As gently as she is it’s hard to imagine her being anything but the ideal dog. Whoever you are you will want to pop a cork to celebrate this fine Brandy Wine.

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