Adoption Application

Please read these Gold Ribbon Rescue policies carefully before you fill out your application to foster or adopt.

Age eligibilty: Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

Fees: There is a $25 non-refundable Application Fee. GRR reserves the right to deny an application for any reason. The application fee does not apply to fostering. Effective February 15, 2023, adoption fees are: Puppy – 7 years is $550, 8 – 10 years is $350, and – 11 years and older is $250.

Fences: GRR requires a fenced yard attached to your dwelling (dog parks do not qualify). The fence must be at least 4' high. GRR does not accept an invisible fence as an appropriate fence. Barbed wire and cattle guards are not acceptable fences. GRR may make a rare exception and consider placing a senior dog 8 years or older in a residence without a fence.

Children: GRR does not adopt dogs to families with children under the age of 8 years old. This also applies to fostering. This policy is for the benefit and safety of your children and the dog.

Availability: Please understand the process can take from a week to several months depending on the type of dog you want. Please remember that the more specific your criteria the longer it may take to find a dog for you. GRR reserves the right to refuse any applicant GRR deems not suitable for a GRR rescue dog. Factors such as young children, work schedules, living outside our area where a trained volunteer is able to do an in-person visit at your home and lack of an attached fence and yard suitable for a medium or large dog to run, play and exercise may cause a denial of your application. If you are looking for a dog quickly, then our rescue may not be the right fit for you.

Resident dogs: Resident dogs must be neutered/spayed unless there is a medical reason that is verified by a licensed veterinarian.

Puppies: Dogs under 6 months old cannot be left longer than 2-4 hour increments.

Service dogs: GRR does not place adoptive dogs to be service dogs for physical, mobility or psychological reasons.

Previous adopters: GRR requires a new interview and/or home visit if 5 years have passed (address change, new pets or new residents in the home will require a new phone interview and/or home visit). GRR reserves the right to require one or both to be completed sooner.

Out of state applicants: We cannot consider applicants outside the state of Texas due to the inability to complete the home visit portion of our interview process. We do not ship or transport dogs. We must have a GRR Volunteer in your area who will be able to complete the home visit portion of the application process. Contact to verify we have coverage in your area to conduct a home visit if you live outside the Austin/San Antonio metropolitan areas.

The agreement you sign when you adopt: This is a voided contract for an adult dog. Similar contracts are fashioned to meet the needs of a puppy and a senior/golden oldie dog.

Important Note: Please be very careful to answer each question. Should you skip an answer, you will need to press the back button on your browser to complete the question. You may keep typing at the end of a line to complete an answer if needed.
Note: GRR reserves the right to refuse any applicant GRR deems not suitable for a GRR rescue dog.
  Due to the reduced number of dogs, there can be a lengthy wait but not always. We match the dog to the family depending on his or her needs. Please read our qualifications to foster or adopt carefully -- if qualified, we welcome you to apply now! Deserving dogs need the love, care and commitment you have to give! The policies and process to become approved to foster and to adopt are the same, except fosters cannot currently adopt their dogs.
Adoption Application
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If you are a former adopter/foster, please list all new adults, children and pets who reside in the home and their ages.
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What are your typical work hours? (If you work away from home, include travel to/from time OR if you are retired enter "N/A"). *
Type of dwelling: *
If Type of dwelling is "other", please explain:
Do you own or rent your home? If rent, do you have the landlord's permission to have a dog over 50 pounds? *
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Do you have stairs, if yes, how many flights of stairs? Please include number of flights and number of stairs for each (Ex. 2 flights, 2 steps, 10 steps). *  
Inside the home: *
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Do you have an elevator? *
Do you have a secure fenced yard with a minimum 4-foot fence attached to your dwelling? (GRR may consider a rare exception and place a senior/golden oldie dog in homes without a fence.) *
Describe your fenced area, including type and height of fence and size of area.  (if you have no fence, enter "N/A") *

(Please forward photos showing type and height of fence and size of grass yard with your name in the subject line of email to
Do you have a pool? *
If you have a pool, is your pool enclosed within its own separate fence?
Number of Adults living in household? *
Names, ages and sex of adults living in household *
Number of children living in household *
What are the names, ages and sex of children living with you? (if no children are living with you, enter "N/A") *
What are the ages, sex and relationship (to you) of children who frequently visit you? How often do they visit? *
Are any residents allergic to animals or dander? *
Do any residents have asthma? *
If Yes, how is it controlled?
Type of Golden
Are you interested in a a Golden mix (Note: We do not do DNA testing on our dogs)? *
Why do you want a Golden Retriever? *
What type of dog are you looking for (Check all that apply or No Preference)?
Age Preference:
0-6 Months 6-12 Months 1-2 Years 3-4 Years 4-5 Years
5-7 Years Senior (8-10) years Golden Oldie 11+ years No Preference  
Energy Level Preference:
Couch Potato Average High    
Sex Preference:
Only Male Prefer Male Only Female Prefer Female No Preference
Have you ever bred dogs? *
Do you plan to breed dogs? *
What pets do you currently own? List the name, breed/type, age, and sex of each pet: *
Pet #1 Name
How long have you owned this pet?
Spayed or Neutered
Pet #2 Name
How long have you owned this pet?
Spayed or Neutered
Pet #3 Name
How long have you owned this pet?
Spayed or Neutered
Pet #4 Name
How long have you owned this pet?
Spayed or Neutered
Dog's Lifestyle
Have you ever owned a pet in your adult life? *
If yes, please list the dog(s) breed, ages, sex and what happened to them.  (if you have never owned a pet in your adult life, enter "N/A")  *
Where will the dog be during the day while you are at home? *
Where will the dog be during the night? *
Where will the dog be when left home alone with no adult supervision (example: at work, running errands, etc.)? *
Number of hours dog will be alone without adult supervision each day? *
What is your plan for mid-day potty and activity breaks? *
How will you provide physical and mental activities for the dog each day? *
Please describe your training and discipline methods: *
A Golden Retriever sheds year-round. Are you aware you will need to groom the dog monthly yourself or take to the groomer which costs on average $100 or more a month? *
Who will care for your pet when you and your family are out of town (enter "N/A" for fosters)? *
Are there any special activities the dog would participate in (Hunting, Running, Hiking, Swimming, Camping, etc.)? *
I am interested in a dog with special needs (includes but is not limited to giving medication, socialization, heartworm treatment, confidence building, training, surgery rehabilitation). *
Have any of your pets ever been diagnosed positive for heartworms (if you have never had a pet, please select "No")? *
Are your current pets on heartworm preventative? What brand? (if you do not own a pet, please enter "N/A") *
If you move, what will you do with your pet (enter "N/A" for fosters)? *
Do you have a current Veterinarian? *
If no, or you have recently moved, please list the Veterinarian you have used in the last 3 years.
Do you give us permission to contact your current and/or past Veterinarians? *

PLEASE call your vet(s) and give them permission to speak with Gold Ribbon Rescue.
Please provide the following information:
Clinic Name: *
City, State and Zip Code:

Phone: *
Other Information
Is there anything else you would like us to know in considering your application? *
Do you have any travel plans and/or any major event such as surgery or wedding over the next 90 days? If so, please list the dates. *
What other rescue groups are you currently working with (enter "N/A" for none)? *
What other rescue groups have you worked with in the past (enter "N/A" for none)? *
Are you working with a service dog program? *
If Yes, the name of the organization(s):
Are you willing to commit to this dog as a family member (this includes love, attention, shelter, good nutrition, proper healthcare, monthly heartworm prevention, exercise, mental stimulation, training) for the next 10 or more years? *
Good dog care in our area is expensive. Annual vet care, inoculations, parasite testing, monthly heartworm and flea preventative, quality dog food, toys, miscellaneous equipment, grooming and other supplies can cost $2500 a year. This does not include any injuries, illnesses the dog may incur or boarding/kennel fees.
Are you prepared for this commitment? *
If not, please do not submit this application.
How did you hear about Gold Ribbon Rescue? *
If Internet, Social Media or Other please describe. (if you did not hear about Gold Ribbon Rescue through the Internet, Social Media or Other, enter "N/A") *
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Pressing the submit button below will begin the application review process. GRR reserves the right to refuse any applicant GRR deems unsuitable for a GRR rescue dog.

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