Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 22-075

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In - Wylie

Status: Available

Age: 1-1/2

Weight: 85

Personality: Big, handsome Yuma was surrendered to GRR by a family that insisted he be an outdoor dog. Well, we all know that a Golden needs to be around people and be part of a family. He is doing well in his foster home and his family consider him reliably house trained. He also does well in his crate, with no whining, barking, or fussing. He sleeps in there at night with the door open and stays there with the door shut if he is left alone. The family has been giving him the freedom to sleep out of the crate, but he usually ends up going in there by himself. He finally has his own room!

Yuma loves his fellow dogs and always wants to run and play with them. The resident dog and Yuma play well together sometimes a little rough and wrestly, but aggressively. They love to play tug together. Yuma somehow knows he’s a big boy and plays down to the level of his “opponents.” He also loves cats. He doesn’t want to play with them or hurt them. He just likes to be close to them and watch.

He does fine in the car, mostly just standing and staring out the window. It’s obvious that he has never had any leash training. He pulls a lot on the leash but is not reactive to other dogs on the leash. He lives up to his breed’s name by loving to retrieve.

Yuma’s behavior inside the house revolves around looking for attention. He loves his people and just to be petted and just close by. When not looking for attention, he’s either playing or napping. He doesn’t have any naughty habits. He loves to play with people as well as dogs, constantly bringing them toys to initiate play time. He loves to be brushed and is always very clam and still. IF you stop brushing, he nuzzles your hand for more.

As far as his energy level, Yuma is a very outgoing and loving boy. He loves all people and dogs. He just loves attention, and any level of petting turns into the happiest dog in the world. His energy level is medium to high, and it takes a while to tire him out.

His foster mom had this to say about Yuma: Yuma is SO smart! At first, he had a bad habit of trying to grab wrists/ankles to get attention (not a bite, but just to hold in his mouth). He also would climb into your lap if you were sitting (which is a lot considering he's such a big boy) and would not get off unless pushed. He's really developed some great manners very quickly! He's almost completely stopped grabbing wrists or ankles and will opt to lick instead. We've been trying to stop him from pawing at people or putting his paw on your lap when he wants attention. He's getting a lot better and with a few more weeks of consistency, I think he'll drop that habit as well! Yuma has also been very good about sitting when he wants something (attention/pets, treats, meals, etc.) or before leaving his kennel or going outside. He is also very good about waiting for the 'Ok!' before leaving his kennel, going outside, or eating his meals. He has picked up on these manners really quickly and we're very proud of him for it!

Ideal Home: Yuma’s ideal home would be one with another dog since he spends most of his time now with the resident dog in his foster home. He really enjoys companionship. He’s a big boy with a lot of energy so his forever home should be one where he can continue to receive consistent training.

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