Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 24-021

Type of Surrender: Stray

Status: Available

Age: 18 months

Whiskey is a handsome Golden fellow who is so far described to be a mix of “ready to play” and “loving to lounge” all in one pup!!  He is friendly, funny, and has a zest for life!  Whisky is currently learning many new things, one thing in particular, is finding a safe place within his crate.  Originally he did some barking when crated, but is making progress and learning from his foster family that the crate isn’t all that bad.  He particularly enjoys when he gets to enjoy a Kong while crated, and with practice and consistency, he will continue to make progress.

Thus far, Whiskey has not been observed around children, other dogs, or cats due to recent surgery to be neutered, but he does show interest in other dogs (he has seen some neighboring pups) and was interested in a cat that lives nearby (outside), but his only interaction was to observe the cat through a glass door. He also has not had the chance for a swim at this time. Whiskey was a stray, and does jump up on people right now, but his foster family is working on correcting that behavior, and feels that with time he will realize that his people will come back and there is no need to jump.  He is, however, an excellent treat-taker; very gentle on all accounts.  Whiskey loves to take a ride in the car and will hang his head out the window to take in all the smells!

As Whiskey is recovering from surgery, he hasn’t had many opportunities for walking on a leash, but he does pull some and is very interested in the squirrels and birds when outside!  This boy loves to EAT and will do so as quickly as possible!  When it comes to toys, Whiskey loves to shred and destroy them with pride!  Some specialties include: removing squeakers, unstuffing anything plush, and removing any eyes, ears, etc from toys. He is really taking in his new environment and will follow around his human companions; he loves to nap resting his head on your foot or sleep beside you at night, he is extremely loving.  Whiskey will request attention by pawing at people, which his foster family is working on. He is a bit afraid of odd objects (like a cardboard box), yet is not bothered by more expected objects (like a vacuum).  When he wants to play, Whiskey will bring a toy and push it to you or engage in some tug-of-war!  Whiskey knows commands, such as sit, stay, and shake, but his foster family is working on keeping his attention for longer periods of time. He is still working on being brave when he is left alone; 

Ideal Home: Whiskey is smart, energetic, and loving.  He is working to gain confidence in being on his own and understanding that his people will come back to him when they leave. A home with patient, loving, and creative people would be great for Whiskey.  Perhaps a home where his people will include him in family activities or be around often will be helpful for him as he continues to learn and grow.  His foster family feels like he might enjoy the company of another dog, and might not be great around young children or older people (the only reasoning for that is that he is unaware of his size and might knock them down with his exuberant nature).  Could your family be the perfect match for Whiskey?

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