Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-090

Type of Surrender: Stray

Status: Available - Medical Hold

Age: 8 month

Meet GRR’s Violet, who is as sweet as the flower she’s named after!  Violet was found as a stray by a kind soul who was wonderful enough to get her the help and care she needed.  This young lady is settling into her foster home and already learning so much!  Currently, her foster family is focusing on crate training her when they are not home, and so far, she settles in fairly quickly.  She also eats her meals and sleeps in her crate at night (for the time being).  Her foster family is using a slow (puzzle) feeder for her for now.  Violet is in the process of being housebroken, and with limited range (in the home) and scheduled potty breaks, she is making progress.

Violet does not jump up on people, and she is sweet and gentle when taking treats!  At this time, Violet has not been observed around children, nor has she been exposed to water.  She is very curious about the cat in her foster home (but not in an aggressive way), and she LOVES other dogs!  Violet is rather nervous in the car, and she needs someone who will spend time with her working on leash training as she isn’t quite sure what is going on with all of that.  Overall, this girl is one who just doesn’t seem to have experienced many daily dog activities, so she will need some loving patience as she learns the ropes of her new, spoiled life!

 She does like to explore items that might be left out on the counter, and she has hopped on the couch a few times at her foster home.  Her foster family reports that much of the time, Violet is calm and likes to find herself a good spot to relax and hang out. At this time, she has not been observed during a thunderstorm and sleeps through the night in her crate like a good girl!  Right now, Violet doesn’t show much interest in toys, but she will drop something, if asked. Her foster family is working with her to learn basic commands such as “sit”, “lay down” and they’re also working on helping her to learn her name.  One thing Violet is a HUGE fan of is a cheesy Yak Chew!! It will keep her busy for hours!  This girl loves the mud and has reportedly made herself a nice place to wallow in the yard!  Violet likes to be part of the group so to speak, but she isn’t a Velcro dog to her human or canine companions.

Violet doesn’t mind being brushed, and her foster family reports that she has an average activity level for a Golden of her age. They report that with consistency, Violet is becoming less shy each day and gaining confidence in herself.  She loves to get lots of pets, and she enjoys food and treats!  She is on a medical hold at this time due to a leg injury, but that is not keeping her from experiencing daily activities and will be assessed very soon.

Ideal Home: Violet is an easy going, gentle, funny, and lovely young lady!  She will thrive in a home with a daily routine and someone willing to work with her as she learns about life beyond being a stray. A home with fellow fur siblings is a must for Violet. Could your family be the right fit for Violet as she continues to bloom and grow?

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