Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-042

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In - San Antonio

Status: Available

Age:  14 months

Weight: 70 (needs to lose about 15 pounds. She has a small frame)

Personality: Are you looking for a young, energetic, friendly golden to add even more life to your family? Violet may be your girl! In typical golden fashion, this young lady is proving herself to be a good friend to all. She hasn’t met a human she doesn’t like, and it seems she loves her foster dog siblings just as much! Whether it be playing in the yard or cuddled up getting loved on, this girl very much enjoys being part of the family.

Play time is where Violet thrives. She loves playing with her dog siblings and winding herself up into a giant case of the zoomies. Sometimes play time can get so exciting that she doesn’t want it to end. This is when her “selective hearing” shines. However, she plays very gently with others and any jumping she does has been easily corrected. It has also been reported that this girl LOVES the water. Any place to play is the place for her!

After lots of play time, Violet happily naps wherever she falls. She hasn’t tried to jump up on the bed or couch and enjoys cuddling up with her personal blanket for bed time. She sleeps quietly through the night. Petting her during this time is highly encouraged. She graciously accepts pets and loving whenever and wherever she can get it!

Violet has been doing great on her new diet to help her get her summer body back. She does love food, but not showing any signs of protection over it. She is also gentle at taking her treats and toys and loves to show them off to anyone and everyone!

Reports from her previous family states that she has a habit of chewing/eating items around the house – potholders, door mats, candy wrappers etc. In contrast, her foster family has reported no issues on this matter, but they are taking extra precautions to keep their house “dog friendly.” At this point it seems that keeping the house tidied prevents this issue from occurring along with providing ample attention.

Violet is house trained and is doing well on a regular bathroom schedule. Being only 14 months old, she still has some of that puppy energy and requires a little more attention and play time than older dogs; however, she will love you and thank you generously for all that affection!

Ideal Home: Violet would do great in a home with 1 or 2 other dog siblings to play and zoom the yard with. If you are looking for a young golden female who loves as hard as she plays (but still needs a little training), look no further! Violet may very well be your girl!

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