Tobin (17-070) came to us in bad shape with several tick diseases and a life before GRR very hard lived.  His coat was rough and patchy. We were newer fosters for GRR having helped 2 previous pups to their forever homes. Tobin became an immediate foster failure, something about him spoke to us. He was so good at being a GRR foster brother (with his sister) to 21 more amazing goldens needing new forever homes. He was helpful in bringing calm and joy for the other doggos to feel comfort in our home.

Tobin came to be known as the mayor of our cul-de-sac as he would sit with his sister in the front yard and on occasion go for a walkabout from house to house.  Some offered treats and fell for his charm.  Bubba (his alternate name) was so handsome, sometimes mischievous, and very stubborn. My wife offered nightly “turn-down” service and provided treats before bed; Bubba would take his and always come back, or stay, for a second (or third).

Last week on 3/6 was an extremely tough day for us, Tobin suffered a stroke resulting in having to make the toughest decision ever, we are devastated to report Tobin has joined other GRR pups in the dog parks in Heaven. He was 14 years old when he passed.

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