Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-103

Type of Surrender: Stray, SAT

Status: Available

Age: 5-6

Weight: 48

TIlly is a pretty Golden mix with long legs and horter ears. She came into GRR with short and choppy hair like a bad shave job That is growing out.

Personality: Tilly is reliably housetrained and is currently baby-gated in the laundry room because she doesn't like the crate. She does great in there. She is absolutely, 100% good with children. She just loves them and is very calm. She seems moderately interest in other dogs, but then eventually wanders back to her foster folks for attention.

Tilly is great and calm in the car. She tries to pull on the leash but does listen to commands. She likes to get toys and play with them but doesn't necessarily bring them back. Sometimes she will give back the ball, but prefers to play a game of keep away with it.

Tilly may have some minor hip issues. She is slow to get up and there seems to be a lack of muscle tone in hind area and legs. She's pretty low energy, but as a typical Golden, she loves people.

Ideal Home: Her new family should be one that is looking for a great, loving companion. But don't expect a dog to go jogging or hiking with you.


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