Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 21-053

Type of Surrender: Marble Falls

Status: available

Age: 4 months

Weight: 39

Personality: Thunder is a young blonde boy who is shyly still learning the ways of the world. He’s extremely sweet and acts as though the human world is really new and awesome thing. However, he is getting braver all the time and is very eager to learn new things and explore this wonderful new realm.

He’s a faster learner when it comes to potty training. He gets plenty of opportunities to go out but is still figuring out that he is allowed to do his business on walks. He just performed his poop on the leash…a great milestone! He sleeps at night in his crate and to eat his meals, but other than that hasn’t spent a lot of time in the crate. He hasn’t been left alone yet. He’s had no direct exposure to children or cats but plays well with other dogs. He seems very curious about what the “big kids” are doing and enjoys following them around to join the fun. His body language is polite with the dogs, greets them will and isn’t pushy about playing.

He’s good in the car walking around a little and then lays down. Thunder is getting very good on the leash. He’s graduated from the zigging and zagging to walk nicely to the left of his foster folks. He’s very interested in everything he sees like children, cars, people, other dogs, bikes, etc. but does not react to them. He sometimes needs to be encouraged to move (aka dragged!).

Thunder is still working on the complexities of chasing and retrieving a ball! He waits for the ball to land in its spot before chasing it. He mostly brings it back. In the house he’s like most puppies and tries to chew on inappropriate things but he is very responsive when corrected.

Thunder sleeps through the night and would probably sleep in, given the chance. He sleeps with mom and dad some because he does cry so pathetically when left in the crate. But who can resist a crying puppy?

As far as his energy goes, he seems eager to learn, and is warming up to playing with his folks. In the morning he wants to play for about an hour, and then is content to nap the rest of the day. He seems a lot lower energy than the typical puppy, but he just received vaccines so may be feeling slower because of this. He is every definitely a huge cuddler.

Ideal Home: This guy is going to be an absolutely amazing family dog. Particularly as he gets used to being part of your world. He needs someone who will be home with him to keep an eye on him and help him explore his surroundings safely and appropriately. Thunder needs some confidence boosters, so a home that will be patient with a little timidity and won't rush him into things would be ideal. He is learning to love play, so a playful family - maybe even kids or another patient, friendly dog - would be great. He loves to cuddle but can also be independent in his own big boy bed, so a family that will let him hang out on the couch or bed would be amazing. He needs diligent socialization, both inside and outside the house, since so much is new to him, but he has been great with new experiences so far! Above all, he is a loving, sweet, funny boy and he and his family are going to make each other very happy!!

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