Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

Type of Surrender:  Rescue from Hurricane Harvey

Status:  Available soon

Age: 10 yr

Weight:  63 lbs

Personality: The stories Thibeaux could tell! This Golden gentleman was saved from drowning by the Cajun Navy during Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts near La Porte.  The flooding left him panting and acting very anxious. That terrible calamity, as emotionally devastating as it was, started a turn-around in Thibeaux’s life that is nothing short of amazing. 

You see, life according to Thibeaux up to that point was not that great (gross understatement)!  In his previous household, he wore a thick collar and was chained to a big tree in his front yard, 24/7/365.  His only companions were pit bulls roaming around protecting the property. He was no stranger to surviving.

That existence is part of his past, and his future, now in GRR’s care, could not look brighter.  When he arrived from Houston, the vet techs went to work. He was very matted and very rank, but that quickly changed.  He had no problem being pampered with a grooming tour de force. However, during his complete medical check-up the extent of his past care became apparent.  While amazingly heart worm negative, his teeth are worn like he was chewing on rocks, and are more like those of a 12 year old.  Likely due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise, he has some arthritis in his vertebrae. But that does not seem to slow him down now that he is free to move about his foster’s home.

As you can imagine, Thibeaux had no inside manners, since he rarely was inside! That is quickly changing in his new environs as he soaks up the love and affection and training of his fosters. His anxiety from the hurricane is slowly subsiding, and he is gradually revealing his Golden personality. It is unmistakable! He loves meeting adults and is calm around them, with no jumping up. He gently takes treats from your hand, and has no problem with people coming close to his bowl.  He is, however, still protective with other dogs approaching his food, so there is always some separation at meal time.  That will likely fade as he understands the new realities of life with GRR. His nutrition is over the top.

With some creative approaches to house training, his fosters are making good progress in getting him to do his business outside. Like many rescues who have not been socialized, he had no clue what to do with toys.  But he is quick on the up-take.  While previously toys were unheard of, he will now drag the toy box to the middle of the room and select a toy to play with.  He really enjoyed going after a huge 2 ft. balancing ball, hilariously chasing it around the house. Sometimes he will grab his toy of the moment and just lay down with it, basking in his new reality.  At other times, he will run to the backyard with his selection. His playful nature is now coming out in spades, and it does wonders in releasing the stress of his recent past.

He is discovering that walks area great things, as well. They are even more fun with a canine companion along, like his foster’s dog. But Thibeaux can’t resist wanting to chase those irritating cats found along the route.

At times, he can’t believe it’s true. He just has to reassure himself. Sometimes in the night, he will come to the side of the bed, sniff his foster (just checking!) and then return to lay on his doggy bed.  He is just loving those soft doggy beds, even the ones that are too small for him!

His foster says Thibeaux is a true companion, and loves to be with you regardless of the goings-on. Take a step and he is by your side.  In his mind, being with you is his number one priority.  Take that last step in Thibeaux’s amazing transformation by showing him your forever home.

Ideal Home:    Thibeaux needs continued training, which he is glad to receive, but it does take a forever home with time for him. He has enjoyed the company of his foster’s dog so much that a home with one or more dogs would be ideal.  Kitties need not apply!

To learn about the adoption process and complete an application, click here.   We do not guarantee the availability of the dog that you have expressed interest in as it may be matched to another waiting family.  However, there are always new dogs available as rescue is dynamic.  We appreciate your interest in adopting a rescued golden.



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