Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-031

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn in, New Braunfels

Status: Available

Age: 13 months

Personality: Cute Teddy was an owner turn in from folks who did not have time for him, and he was spending way too many hours in a crate. He also came in with bad allergies. (Welcome to Texas in the spring!) He was very itchy when he came to GRR, but medication is already working.

Even though he spent so much time in a crate, he happily goes into his crate now and sleeps in it overnight. Not so bad when you know you’re not going to be in it forever! He doesn’t whine or cry. Plus, he is reliably housetrained. Good boy! 

Teddy is a sweet, sweet boy.  He hasn’t been observed around children yet but gets all excited and anxious when he sees a cat outside during his walks, but the reaction is the same for squirrels and birds. He hasn’t had any direct contact with kitties. Speaking of his walks, he pulls a lot at the beginning and will abruptly change directions; however, he is definitely improving with each walk.

He is very nice with other dogs when given a proper introduction. Seeing one out the window he will growl lightly. But gosh, isn’t it a dog’s job to protect the house?

It seems Teddy was born to retrieve. He LOVES to fetch but it is smart to have two balls on hand so he can learn to drop the first one before the second one is thrown. He would do this forever if you let him, continually bringing a ball or toy to plop your lap. He is generally calm though and wears out easily after play or walk time.  He has sniffed around the stock tank, but so far hasn’t ventured in for a swim

In the house he will sneak a toy off the counter if it’s up there, but he hasn’t gone after food and doesn’t chew or shred anything inappropriate. In the morning he is very excitable when he gets up. A nice long walk will settle him down. Once done with a walk or a fetch session he will soon settle down and take a nap. 

Advice? Get him nice and tired and worn out before you try your yoga session. Otherwise, he will climb on you and give you slobbery kisses!  Did we mention that Teddy loves people!!

Ideal Home: Teddy is a typical young Golden that needs physical and mental stimulation.  He likes to walk, fetch, and play.   Like every young Golden, Teddy   not well suited for anyone who prefers to lay on the couch watching TV instead of throwing the next ball. Teddy would do great with kids who want to play with him and enjoy a four-legged sibling, but he would also do well in an only-dog home as long as his humans were around.  Teddy has some skin allergies, but these are easily controlled and he’s doing well.   He is an adolescent but very smart and adaptable.  Teddy will thrive with a family that can keep him on a routine and give him lots of attention, training and LOVE.




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