Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-090

Type of Surrender: Born to Chiquita, GRR Number 17-082

Status: Available

Age: 4 months

Weight: 24 pounds

Sugar Update - 10/29/30 - See how Sugar is doing at 13 weeks:

Personalilty: Sugar is in a new foster home where she has 4 grownup golden brothers to play with and learn from. She is also crazy about the household cat, exhibiting no bad issues. Sugar likes to ride in the car and is very calm. She loves kids. While she is a little bitey like any puppy would be, this behavious is being successfully addressed. The retriever half of her is definitely there. She loves to retrieve.

According to her foster folks, "She is a GREAT puppy! She has not chewed up anything she should not as we have tons of toys out for her. She has had very few accidents. She is exceptional."

During a recent thunderstorm, the thunder woke Sugar up and she proceeded to let it know who was boss, barking a growling at the noise, but she didn't seem the least bit anxious,

She has typical puppy energy and gets more and more playful as she gets older. She loves to fetch and to run and chase and will snuggle when she is sleepy. "She is so sweet and smart." While enjoying being part of the whole dog pack, she will go off by herself to laydown when she is tired.

She loves to dig in the sandbox that is especially for the dogs to play in, but occasionally doesn't restrict her digging to that area. When sugar is separated from the family and the pack she lets out the cutest, and oh so pathetic) little cries. She does not like to away from everyone, but knows she has to sometimes and will settle down.

Sugar's foster mom says her only worry or concern is that, "I don't have a meltdown when she gets adopted. We absolutely love this littel girl. She is a special puppy,

Ideal Home: Sugar's perfect home would be one where she will continue to get lots of training. She learns quickly and is eager to please. Her home should understand that she is mixed and is okay with her not looking totally like a golden retriever. Her forever familly needs to provide her a lot of atteniton and give her a lot of activity. She loves to play and run and learn. She loves the company of other dogs, but would do fine without other dogs around as long as she get plenty of attention. And she does love and behave with children and cats.



Sugar and Spice and all things nice, That's what little girls are made of.

Sugar and her sister Spice were a surprise that came two weeks after taking in a stray female named Chiquita. At this point, it's hard to know just what to say about Sugar other than "Awwww, what an adorable puppy!" Being only a month old, both she and her sister Spice sleep the majority of the day away, waking up eat, pee and poo! They are old enough now to thow in a bit of rough and tumble with each other before they nod back off to dreamland.

Sugar is a very petite blonde. It appear she will be a beauty with that creamy colored coat. At this point she has peach tones on the nose and face.

Update on Sugar and Spice: 9/25/17 from Foster Mom

I am back in town and have had THE most amazing pet sitter at the house for the last few days.   Sugar and Spice have grown up at an amazing rate. They are peeing and pooping outside 90% of the time.  No poops in the house for the last 3 days and only pee during the night on the pee-pee pad in their x-pen.  They go out after each meal and before bed time and "perform".
They do not bother their mom, Chiquita, for her milk and have had the run of house with supervision from the sitter.  At bed time they go into into their pen.  
Interaction with our dog Sherlock has been fine.  He is very sweet natured, as we already knew.   I did hear a growl from him when one of the pups showed an interest in his tennis ball, but that's to be expected from any self-respecting Golden.

The change in them between 8 weeks and now coming up on 9 weeks has been incredible.

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