Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-112

Type of Surrender: Bastrop Shelter

Status: Medical Hold - Available late January

Age: 7-8

Weight: 72

Personality: Sweet little freckle-faced Steffi has a Strawberry Shortcake look with a bit white splotch of freckles on her nose. She came into GRR with some abdominal issues, and as the vet expected, the problem was with her spleen. It has since been removed, no cancer cells found, and she is recovering nicely.

Steffi is already housebroken and can be trusted in the house day or night. She has a crate and an ex-pen, but she prefers to roam free in the house. From day one she may it clear she preferred the dog bed in the bedroom. She'll be left in the ex-pen when she is alone just in case she feels the urge to chase the cat.

Steffi is calm around other dogs and will occasionally play but prefers to do her own thing and ignore the others. She has a propensity to want to chase the cat. But in the car, she is nice and calm, laying down to enjoy the drive. She's good on leash, with no pulling.

Steffi has impeccable house manners and has not misbehaved once. She seems to be settling in to the routine of the household. She happily sleeps through the night and doesn't move a muscle till it's time to get up.

Steffi doesn't seem too interested in toys except for chewing on a Nylabone. But she will give it up easily without any growling or getting grumpy. She loves to be groomed. She has very soft fur although there are some bare spots because of her surgery and having to get some mats cut out. She's going to look beautiful when her fur and feathering grow back.

Overall, Steffi is calm, affectionate. She loves attention and to lay on the couch next to you. Walkies are one of her favorite things.

Ideal Home: It seems like Steffi would be good as an only dog or in a home with one doggie companion. A houseful of dogs might be a bit much for her.



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