Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 019-051

Type of Surrender:

Status: Available Soon

Age: 18 weeks

Weight: 22 pounds

Star and her siblings were quite sick when they first came to GRR, but things are looking better and better every day with treatment ongoing. Scrolling through Star's pictures will show the darling little freckles she has on her feet and paws.

Personality: Little Star is working on potty training. Currently she is trained to do her business on newspaper. She uses a crate for her sleeping and alone time and does just fine after a bit of pacing.

Star plays great with her sister, Glory but hasn’t met any other dogs yet. She shows some interested in the house cat but backs down when she knows it is time to back down. She happily chases balls and toys but bringing them back is not in her repertoire yet. And, gosh, does she like her kitty-cat foster sybling. Just look at the pictures of those two.

Ideal Home: When asked to describe her energy level her foster mom used the following terms, “outgoing, active, high energy, love bug, lap dog.” So, her perfect home would be a family who lets her be her puppy self, but also can train her to be the perfect dog and rein her in when that puppy energy gets to be a little much.


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