Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-038

Type of Surrender: Bastrop Shelter                         

Status: Available

Age: A spunky 10

Weight: 75

Check out Shiner's story. It was updated on May 23 to show what improvements he has made.

Personality: Shiner is the quintessetional make GOlen in terms of looks and personality. When it comes to housebreaking, Shiner has proven to be perfectly dependable. If he really, really needs to go out, he goes to the door and asks.

Shiner was apparently crate trained in his previous home as he will usually go right in on his own. Because Shiner in trustworthy he has graduated to being left free to roam the house when left alone. The crate is left open should he decide he wants to avail himself of it. His family often will find him sound asleep in his crate when they get home.

He’s not had interactions with children except on his walks, but his foster mom expects he’d be very gently and sweet with kids.

Shiner is a perfect boy with the resident dog in his foster home as they like being around each other and co-exist beautifully. Shiner enjoys daily walks and is chill when passing dogs on a walk or barking dogs behing a fence.

He’s great in the car, loves to take rides and especially loves a pup cup. He loves toys and llives for mealtime; however, Shiner is never protective of food although he and the resident dog do eat separately.

Shiner still likes to bark in the house, but t’shis has gotten so much better and he is thriving because of having a consistent routine and is now comfortable in his new environment.

He loves to be groomed including getting his paws trimmed. He is very relaxed and enjoys being whereever his foster mome is. He could not be an easier, sweeter dog. It seems some in his foster home like to dance to hip-hop music and that is just irresistible to Shiner.

Ideal Home: Shiner is loving, happy, gentle, easy-going and goofy…..simply the quintessential Golden. He adores being a close companion and would likely be fine with or without another dog in the home.  Shiner needs a family who will give him time, attention, and affection as he truly is human-focused.  Shiner is Heartworm positive and undergoing slow-kill heartworm treatment which means he takes a monthly HeartGuard Plus for 12 months.   Since this is the slow-kill method, typical heartworm exercise restrictions are not required.  Chat with your GRR matchmaker to learn more about this heartworm treatment.  Is handsome Shiner right for your family?

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