Sheridan / Beau

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 20-073

Type of Surrender: Return to GRR

Status:  Available

Age: 9 months

Weight: 60

We received a call from a woman in Abilene asking, “We have a beautiful Golden female who had an unplanned liter of puppies that are now apx 3 weeks old.  We do not have the finances or time to raise a liter of seven puppies.  Can you help?”   So a GRR volunteer jumped into her car and headed to the woman’s home in Abilene.  They loaded mom and pups in the car but could only find six puppies.  After searching, the missing puppy was no where to be found.  So our volunteer leaves with mom and six puppies. 

An hour later, we get another call, “We found the missing puppy.  Can you come and get it her?”  So GRR volunteer #2 jumps in her car and heads to Abilene for the missing, now found, puppy.  Everyone arrives at their doting foster home in Austin where the puppies grow into happy, healthy, socialized puppies. 

At 8 weeks, the puppies are ready for adoption and Sheridan is adopted by a loving family.  After several months, the adopting family calls and says “Sheridan is too active and more than we can handle so we need to return him to GRR.”  And that’s how Sheridan, now Beau, came back to GRR and is now looking for his forever family.

Personality: Beau is an energetic 9-month-old looking for someone to share in his enthusiasm for life. He doesn’t have accidents in the house and is starting to get used to the crate. He barks a little while when first in the crate but is improving daily.

Beau’s experience with children in his foster home is with older kids age 13-15 and he has a blast being bouncy and silly with them. He enjoys all the attention in the house. He does jump on people a bit (he’s a young dog) because he gets so excited around new people. His foster family is working on this. Beau is great with other dogs, playing with their dog, Chewy. Beau and Chewy are almost always together romping and playing. He isn’t aggressive towards other dogs he sees on his walks. The household cats are still a bit nervous around Beau and keep their distance. But if they do get close, Beau is very sweet and respectful. He’s got a good sniff of Gizmo the cat and concluded that he was really quite boring and walked away.

Beau gets a car ride almost every day and he is great laying down or watching the other cars go by. He loves his car rides so would be a great traveling companion.  On his daily walks, he pulls a little on the leash and like any red-blooded American dog, he loves to stop and sniff everything. In other words, he still needs a bit of training. He loves to play in the sprinklers, so one would assume he would love to swim in a nice clean river or lake.

Beau is a very typical 9-month old pup, full of energy and the desire to play. If Chewie doesn’t want to play, that doesn’t stop him. He will grab something in the house, bring it to his foster mom and then try to get her to chase him.  Good news is that he doesn’t chew furniture and isn’t destructive.

In a recent storm, Beau didn’t seem to be affected by the thunder. He sleeps through the night but is an early riser ready to start the day. When it comes to toys, Beau either brings them to you or Chewie to get someone to play (he loves tug of war). He may also take them to his bed to chew on them. Oh, and he also likes to play in his water bowl….swimming anyone!

All in all, Beau is a total sweetheart. He loves all people and animals and is very outgoing. He lives to be loved and to love back. He is very much a pleaser. He just wants to make people happy. He’s got a big personality and you always know Beau is around.

Ideal Home: Beau needs another calm, well-balanced dog that will play with him. He is a typical 9-month old puppy so needs to continue his puppy training.  Beau needs lots of attention so someone home part of the day and kids 10 and older are great.  He’s young so Beau needs exercise (physical and mental stimulation), daily walks and he’d appreciate care rides.  In return, you’ll appreciate Beau’s sweet, loving personality. Are you Beau’s forever family?


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