Sheridan / Beau

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 20-073

Type of Surrender: Return to GRR

Status:  Available

Age: 8 months

Are you ready for a forever play buddy? Beau loves tug and playing with his humans all day! This golden/lab mix will give you all the love you could want! Beau is energetic and loving. He loves learning new commands and making his person happy! Beau knows lots of basic obedience and is working on his impulse control. If you want to come home to the happiest boy, Beau’s your boy!

Personality:  Being a young, energetic dog, Beau needs lots of stimulation in order to settle down.   He isn’t accustomed to roaming free In a home without supervision quite yet but settles nicely in his crate.  Beau is highly food motivated and enjoys other dogs. Beau needs patient humans who will help him grow from being an energetic teenager to a trained adult.  Beau needs consistency and a high rate of reinforcement for good behaviors. He  is a good boy but can be easily frustrated. If you are looking for an active companion to share your time, Beau may be your boy.

Ideal Home:  Beau needs someone who will accept and “channel” his energy, be patient and train him without using aversive techniques.  Another younger, very active and confident dog in the home is a must — one who will offer correction and tell him if they don’t want to play right now. He may be too much for small and elderly dogs. Young children or “non-durable” people are NOT recommended as Beau could jump and knock them over.  Beau is ideal for a couple who want to add another very active dog to their family and are willing to channel his energy with physical and mental activities.


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