Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-007

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 6 months

Weight: 40

This very intelligent young lady has been welcoming new challenges ever since day one.  But now she is with GRR and time for her grow into a typical golden retriever with those wonderful traits of love, joy, and cuddles!

Serenity was originally purchased to be an emotional support dog for a young individual struggling with anxiety. While golden retrievers are typically full of love and affection and can be great partners for those struggling with mental health, little Serenity’s occasional barking scared this young man and ultimately, he and his family decided she would be better off in another loving home.

Personality: In her new home Serenity has thrived and continues to learn new positive behaviors every day. She is doggy-door trained and is working on cues to let her foster parents know that she needs out. She has only had one accident in the house when she first arrived. She also has no problem riding in the car. She sits nice and still in the backseat with no pacing or complaining.

She is also currently being crate trained. She does great at getting into the crate, since she is bribed with a delicious kong ball full of her favorite treat ever – peanut butter! However, she does have a little bit of separation anxiety when she can’t see anyone. This appears to be improving with each day! She is now waiting patiently for foster mom to come home, unload, and let her out. Sometimes she gets so excited she jumps up on people. While she is so light on her feet, her foster parents are working on only giving her pets when all fours are firmly on the ground. She’s catching on quickly!

This girl is very food motivated. She is learning to patiently wait for her dinner to be placed on the ground and for the “go ahead” from her foster parents to begin chowing down... and boy does she inhale it! This is great for training purposes as she will do anything for a treat!

Considering how food-obsessed Serenity is, she is actually very gentle when receiving treats and bones, taking it very calmly from her foster parent’s hands. With her food obsession does come some counter-surfing. She is working on her will power, but sometimes that food just smells so good! Thankfully, the few times she has snatched something it was very easy to get it back from her.

One thing Serenity loves equally to her food are her toys. These are her special gifts that she likes to hide under the coffee table or in her special spot in the backyard. While the owners are still working on her leash skills, she does great playing around by herself or with her foster brother.

Serenity is a bit jumpy and will likely be anxious during thunderstorms. She is also working through her separation anxiety and will likely need a little bit of extra attention (and peanut butter!) when the family members are coming and going. However, she is very sweet, loving and eager to please you.

Ideal Home: Serenity will do well both as a single pet or with another dog sibling. She very much enjoys solo time and hiding under the coffee table or bed to nap, but she also loves playing with others. If you are looking for a young, loving golden to become a member of your family then Serenity is just the girl for you!Type

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