We met Sammy when he was about 18 months at a GRR Foster Family in Wimberley in Sept-Oct 2009 and we loved him right away.  He came to us across the room and sat on his rear legs (a very unique Butler style curtsy) and shook our hands when we offered.  

We loved him right away due to his gentle disposition at 18 months and he entered our lives then. He gave us unconditional love and amazing memories to our family. Our kids went from elementary school to college with Sammy providing comfort, love and kindness at every step of the journey of life.  Even for Mom and Dad, he knew when we had a bad day or a moment and quietly used to come comfort us.    

Sammy used to love camping, walks, trails, sticks, chasing rabbits, squirrels and playing with squeaky toys in his backyard and also longingly looking at ducks at Town Lake, one of his favorite trails.  He was naturally playful and occasionally mischievous with trying to create games/tricks with whatever was in hand.

In our neighborhood, he made lasting relationships with adults and kids alike, and his kind and gentle disposition made friends quickly.  We (Mom and Dad) were often called "Sammy's Mom and Dad".  Sammy often used to "walk himself" holding the leash in his mouth while we would amusedly walk behind him in our street and all the neighbors would smile at his approach.

Words are not enough and we can go on and on about so many loving memories with Sammy. While nothing can replace Sammy, we hope to make new memories with another Golden very soon.

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