Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR number: 16-001

Type of Surrender: Owner turn in

Age: 7

Weight: 102 lbs. (goal 90-95 lbs.)

Personality: As the first official recue Golden of 2016, Sam is starting out the year in a big way. You see, Sam is a Big Boy Golden at 102 pounds, and immediately categorized by his intake volunteer as “gorgeous”.  That’s a lot of gorgeous. With medium gold fur and a classic block head profile, he is sure to get quite a lot of attention, which he loves! While Sam knows he is a big boy, he also thinks he is a lap dog, and he attempts to demonstrate that to anyone offering a seat next to him.

According to his previous human, Sam loves the water sports, both swimming and of course playing in it. His favorite toys are simple – a ball and stick are entertaining especially if they include interaction with you. And his previous human also noted that Sam is good with children. During his first walk on a leash, he did pull (not excessively), so some additional training is in order to achieve relaxed walks.

His good humor and friendliness extends to unfamiliar dogs, as he demonstrated at the kennel. When other dogs barked and growled, he just ambled by, unperturbed in the least.

Sam completed his vet check-up in fine shape and has been neutered. However, he did test positive for heart worms, so he will be going through his treatment during GRR fostering.

This Golden is a lover boy, and exhibits that true happiness factor that draws people to him like a magnet.  He shows his appreciation for attention back to you a hundred fold with companionship laced with loads of kisses.

Ideal home: Based on his size, Sam would be best in a home with humans that are prepared to handle a large dog, and are around to interact with Sam on a daily routine basis. He would naturally enjoy living with children (over 8 years) for never ending play.  More information on Sam is coming as he reveals more of his personality to his GRR foster parent.

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