Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-071

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn in

Status: Medical Hold

Age: 6 months

Weight: 25

Salem was brought to GRR after he was hit by a car breaking two of his legs. His owners said they could not afford his care. This little cutie is obviously a golden mix and is recovering amazing well after two surgeries. Currently, his right front leg doesn’t seem to be giving him any trouble whatsoever. The left hind leg (big injury, big surgery) is healing, though still sore. He remains on pain meds and his next vet post-op vet appointment is at the end of September. He is a trooper, for sure.

Personality: Salem’s personality and behavior can be best described by the two foster families who have had the pleasure of taking care of him. They decided that Salem didn’t quite fit him, so they have taken to calling him “Crash”. One obvious reason is, of course, his accident and the other is what he does at naptime. His first day with his second family they commented, “look at how he has crashed on that dog bed”, and the name stuck.

This little guy is precious. He is quiet, polite, sweet, and affectionate. He is fully house trained. He likes to play with stuffed animals, but just chews on them like a pacifier. He does like to rip up paper, like the magazine seen in one of his photos.

Since he is on exercise restriction, they have been taking him out in the front yard a few times a day to just watch the world go by. He loves to stretch out and roll in the cool grass. He also likes to stick his nose way down in the grass to the dirt and forage for acorns.

He does do some reactive barking at people and other dogs walking up the street and to noises, although he was not the least bit bothered by a thunderstorm that was rolling in one evening when they were all outside the other evening, so that’s good.

He sleeps like a rock, all night long, on a dog bed at the foot of our bed. During the day, he migrates from dog bed to dog bed, depending on which room I’m in. He has not tried to get the puppy zoomies or anything that would jeopardize his healing. He seems to be “an old soul” although he does get a twinkle in his eye and stole some socks from the floor the other day. I think when he is fully healed, he will have plenty of interest in and energy for usual activities.

Ideal Home: Salem (or Crash if you prefer) is a lap dog and loves to be petted. He is very snuggly. He needs a family that will give him all the love he wants and help him through his recovery, back to being a typical puppy. He is really adorable and stealing everyone’s hearts, of course.



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