Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-076

Type of Surrender: Pharr Animal Shelter, McAllen

Status: Available Later

Age: 4

Weight: 56

Update 9/3: 

Rio’s vet is pleased with the healing progress of his burn and overall health improvement! His general health is good and the wound on his back is healing really well with only 2 small areas with scabs remaining. 

Not that Rio is feeling better, his personality is starting to shine.  Goofy, sweet, happy and curious are how his foster family describes Mr. Rio.  He is a lover, enjoys sitting in your lap (large lapdog!) and getting pets.  He’ll happily go outside to potty but then wants to come back inside to be with his people. 

Rio is doing really well with his training:  he knows sit, his jumping on people has decreased significantly, he’s learning how to “trade” an item for something else, he knows his name now and his walking on leash is greatly improved.  Good progress for a short time. 

Rio’s favorite toy is a Kong that dispenses treats which he quickly learned how to operate.  He loves to snuggle with his people and get lots of pets and love from his foster family.  He’ll hang out with his foster mom during the day while she is working in the office.  Rio will occasionally get the zoomies after playing fetch which is so cute to watch.  As he’s young, Rio runs like a puppy with his legs going everywhere.  Rio is a sweetheart and will be ready for his forever family soon.  Is your home perfect for a young gentleman like Rio?  To learn more, please reach out to a matchmaker.

Update 8/12

Rio has received his vaccinations, was treated for hookworms, and given a Lincocin injection, Depo-Medrol, Vitamin B12 and Cephalexin for his second degree burn wounds. He is heartworm negative and started Gabapentin to help manage pain and anxiousness. Hill prescription a/d Urgent Care food has been added to his dry food at each meal to promote healing during this stage of recovery. Rio’s skin on the burn wound should heal, however the hair will likely never completely grow back because some of the hair follicles have been damaged. Rio is mildly emaciated and needs to gain approximately 10 lbs. Despite all he has been through, Rio’s Golden personality is shining through. He is definitely a love bug and gives slurpy kisses and likes to be petted. He is fearful and cautious of any sudden movements, which is understandable, but we expect given time and space, he will improve 10-fold! Stay tuned for more updates.

 Update 8/9

Rio comes to GRR in hopes of a better life. It certainly could not get worse. This sweet dog has second degree burns along his spine (10" by 1" strip) and is mildly emaciated. The vet prescribed silver sulfadiazine topical cream to be applied to the wound twice a day. Dr Simmons said to continue with the antibiotics, and he also prescribed Gabapentin to help manage any pain and anxiousness. He also wants Rio to have Hill prescription and Urgent Care food added to his dry food each meal (about one-third can-but discontinue if it causes diarrhea). He said it can help promote healing during this stage of recovery. He said the skin on the burn will heal, however, he does not believe the hair will completely grow back because some of the hair follicles have been damaged. Please check back to see how Rio improves and to see if you might want him as a member of your family.

 Please welcome our newest GRR member 23-076 Rio. He comes to us from the Pharr Animal Shelter in McAllen and desperately needed help. GRR’s intake director sprung into action to find volunteers in south Texas as well as a vet who would work with GRR to get him some immediate medical attention. Then we had to get Rio to Austin so we had some more amazing volunteers, who have flown numerous animal rescue missions, volunteered to fly down to pick him up and bring him back in style. He just arrived a few hours ago and is getting some much needed r&r. Stay tuned as we learn more about him and his medical needs. *We do not know how he got his injuries* the vet in McAllen said “possibly” chemical burns or maybe laid against a hot muffler but we can’t say for certain. We may never know. He’s emaciated and needs lots of TLC which he will now be getting.

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