Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-059

Type of Surrender: Stray

Status: Adopted

Age: 5-6 months

Personality: Ray Ban at 6 months is still a young, happy puppy with all that that entails. He still has the occasional accident in the house and jumps on people. But he’s coming along well, and this too shall pass with time and patience. But for a such a young guy he is actually quite calm, sweet, friendly and affectionate.

Ray Ban plays well with other dogs, and he is having a ball with the Golden that lives in his foster home. He does not use a crate and when he is left alone, he is baby gated.  Ray Ban hasn’t been around children yet but like most puppies we’re sure he would love them. He has shown typical puppy-to-cat curiosity with the household cat but knows to keep his distance when kitty gets annoyed.

Ray Ban has had only one car ride and hasn’t done much leash walking yet. He is definitely not leash trained and will need patient work in this area. Ray Ban will bring back a ball or take it to reside with his collection of toys in the room.

Ideal Home: Obviously this pup will need a family that is ready, willing and able to coach and train him into being the perfect dog. Are you the family that can do this while embracing his very social and affectionate personality?

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