Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 21-039T

Type of Surrender: Turkey Dog

Status: Available soon

Age: 7

July 25, 2021

Personality: Prada is making steady progress at becoming a happy, go-lucky Golden. She is feeling better, but she is still working to achieve a slimmer figure, and she enjoys plenty of beauty sleep.

This week she graduated from being crated when home alone to hanging out in the laundry room with our boys. I have a Ring camera set up and I love spying on the dogs when I am out of the house.  It turns out there isn’t much to see.  Each time I take a peek, they are all snoozing.  Sometimes Prada is back-to-back with our youngster, and other times she is next to our older Golden. At night she follows me to the bedroom and heads directly to her crate. She strolls in circles once and settles in for the night.

This girl is definitely a hunter; she is still after that toad and goes directly to his hiding place each time we go outside. She sniffs, and paces, and looks under the AC unit (where he lives during the day) trying her best to persuade him to come out so she can chase him.  She discovered a lizard under a bush in the backyard and spent the better part of 30 minutes trying to find him after he ran for his life. She is also very aware of squirrels and birds when we are outside and gives chase at every opportunity. Now, keep in mind she is still out of shape, so she doesn’t run fast but as she drops some pounds, she is going to be quite the hunter. With this in mind, I wonder if she would chase cats? Possibly a dog-savvy cat that doesn’t run would work out fine but who knows.

Prada still shows no interest in toys, but she is starting to learn to play with Moose, our one-year-old Golden. He has been inviting her to play since she arrived. Last week she joined the game a few times and just yesterday she initiated play! She doesn’t play long, maybe 2 minutes at best, but it’s a BIG DEAL that she asked him to play. It’s very funny watching their game of “bitey head” because Prada has mastered the art of big, loud barks while pulling on Moose’s ears. Don’t worry though, other than barking during playtime she is very quiet.

She is feeling more confident and comfortable in her new world each day. She is beginning to understand “come here” but she doesn’t respond to her name. Sometimes when I talk to her, she tilts her head and looks at me like she is trying so hard to understand what I’m saying. We are working on a few commands, she has mastered “sit,” we are working on “down” and “leave it.” It is helpful having our dogs near her responding to those commands as she seems to follow their lead. I expect she would enjoy having a confident dog friend in her forever home, but she would also enjoy being the sole recipient of her forever family's affection.

I think she would enjoy going out for a walk, but we have not tackled that skill yet because it’s too hot. I will say that she is very interested in what is on the other side of the front door so I expect she might be one to bolt if given the opportunity. She likes to swim, she loves getting a bath, and she will roll on her back for a tummy rub from anyone. Considering less than 2 weeks ago she was living in Turkey this girl has made amazing progress. She is a hunk of love and as she continues on her road to a healthy life, I have no doubt she will continue to blossom.


First Evaluation:

Personality: Meet Prada. Her journey began in Turkey, where she was one of the lucky ones to be chosen to travel across the ocean and land in the arms of Gold Ribbon Rescue.  I bet you’ve noticed her short coat and you are wondering if she is a Lab.  I assure you; she is all Golden.  Her coat was so matted she was shaved before leaving her homeland, but the fur is already starting to grow, and I have a feeling she will be showing off long golden locks in no time.

We are just getting to know this petite yet plump girl, but it is clear she knows a few things about being a good dog. After arriving, she was exhausted and spent her first hours sleeping off her jet lag. Just as any designer lady would do, she slept peacefully and gracefully throughout the first night in her foster home. After meeting the resident male goldens and deciding they were not so bad, she made herself at home, strolling through the yard, sniffing the grass, watching the birds, and chasing a toad. When I say chasing, I mean slowly jogging, this chunky girl can’t get up to full speed just yet, but I can’t wait to see her running after that toad once she has dropped some pounds. Watch out Mr. Toad, Miss Prada is coming for you shortly, and this time you won’t be able to hop away.

She is crate trained and seems to be house trained as we’ve had no potty accidents. When she needs to go outside, she whines and follows me to the door, then she ambles outside, does her business, and heads back to the house. All in all, quite impressive considering she has only been with us for a few days.

She sits for treats and takes treats so gently she doesn’t even touch your fingers. She is beginning to understand what it means to “come here,” and she has figured out “belly rub” means she should flop on her back, stick all four paws in the air and wait for someone to come over and rub her plump tummy.  I find this all quite impressive, considering she likely doesn’t understand English, and no one in her foster family speaks Turkish.

She doesn’t know what toys are for, but she does enjoy chewing on a nice dog bone. Her young foster brother is trying his best to show her the joy of retrieving a tennis ball.  But she looks at him like he is crazy for chasing the ball and bring it back over and over and over. She prefers to allow him to do the work while she sits by and observes or rolls in the grass.

Prada is a sweet, easy-going girl who loves people.  She is in love with our 17-year-old son, she gets along well with our resident goldens, and she was well behaved during her vet visit today.  We don’t have a cat, and there were no cats at the vet's office, so I don’t know how she will feel about a feline family member.

I’m sure you noticed Prada looks more like a lab than a Golden, but I assure you she IS a Golden.  Before she left her homeland, she was shaved because her coat was so badly matted.

Ideal Home: As she continues to learn more about the good life, we will learn more about her and what type of family will be best for her. This little lady is going to make some lucky family very happy. I can’t wait to see her thrive in the days and weeks to come. Check back soon for additional updates on sweet Miss Prada.

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