Positive for heartworms?: 

GRR Number: 19-023 C

Type of Surrender: Rescue from China

Status: Available Soon

Age: 4.5

Weight: 66 pounds

We believe all dogs deserve a chance - this is our promise and core philosophy.  Right now, Gold Ribbon Rescue is working with an international rescue in China to save lives. Every year, thousands of dogs are killed in China's slaughterhouses - every year, and that includes Golden Retrievers. We are privileged and proud to introduce you our five Goldens that will make the long journey from Bejing - crossing many time zones - so that they can come home. Home, to their GRR family. Home, to love. To learn more about our China dog initiative, click here.

Phoenix, which means "Rebirth", is one of the dogs that GRR brought from China. He is healthy except for some hotspots on his skin which he is being treated for.

Personality - Phoneix has been in his foster home for a couple of weeks now. He's had no accidents in the house. He's very gentle with people, but hasn't had a chance to play with the other dogs in the house because of his raw skin. They have laid next to each other on either side of the expen to chew on their bones and everybody seems happy.

Phoenix likes to ride in the car with his head poked out the window to see and smell his new world. He's a bit ziggy-zaggy when on the leash, sniffing this and snuffling that. And, boy, does he love to fetch! He'll walk around his foster mom with the ball in his mouth playing a game of low-key keep away. He loves the attention he gets when he brings the ball back. For a video of Phoenix frollicking in the yard wtih his ball and without his t-shirt and cone, click here.

Phoenix is enjoying life away from his horrible circumstances in China and he sleeps soundly through the night with his head full of dreams of America. Right now he's still really curious about his surroundings and is fairly low energy. He has learned to sit and is learning his new name! He's so smart and sweet and loves the human touch.

Ideal Home: Phoenix really loves people and his ideal forever home would be one where he is an only dog and someone is home most of the day to keep him company.

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