The inevitable finally happened on September 27. We lost our Precious Perfect Paddy (GRR 10-030)  to the Rainbow Bridge. She succumbed to a vestibular issue that made her so dizzy she could barely walk on her poor, arthritic legs. We hope she is happy now and running zoomies with no pain. And we sincerely hope that she has crossed paths with her wonderful foster mother, Emily Tuscowski.

 There is so much that we will miss about our Paddy...too many to list here. Here are just a few things that made her so special:

  • The silly way she would wag her head back and forth along with her tail when she was happy or when she wanted something.
  • That amazing ability she had to learn things that we didn't even realize we had taught her, like "scooching over" when she was being a couch hog.
  • When it was bedtime, all we had to say was, "go do your one-more-time." Straight to the back door she would go, complete her business, and then straight to the bedroom.
  • She loved our travels and hiking the mountains of Colorado. She was part mountain goat in her younger years.
  • Up until the very end she would stand on the back porch at night, bouncing up and down while she barked at all the intruders that MUST have been behind our fence. She was a great protector.
  • Her friendship with her "brother", Pumpkin the cat.

 There is so much more. Rest in peace, Paddy, our big Woolly Bear. Forever in our hearts.

Barbara and Mike Tankey


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